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coil binding supplies Coil Binding Machines / Supplies Currently Coil binding is the best selling of all the machines and supplies that we offer. Our supplies come either in plastic coil or metal coil; the metal coil will bind books from 1/4" up to 2" thick; much easier than the plastic coil.

Wire Binding Systems and Supplies Double strands of wire wrap around the punched holes to create the bind. Machines are available for punching 3:1 or 2:1 pitch holes; or both. Not easily updated. Round or square holes are available.

perfect thermal bindingThermal Binding Machines / Covers Glue is in the center spine which adheres your sheets to the cover, making a very strong bind. Paper softback covers or hardback covers - plain or fully customized; foil stamped, screen printed, embossed, or any other decorations are just a few of the possibilities available.

atlas binding systemsMetal Binding: Atlas Hardback or Softback Covers A Metal Spine binds either a paper-back or hard cover book in just a few seconds...
Holds so Tight....and it is easily updated. Customized hardback covers can be produced in your office in about a minute.

comb binding machinesComb Binding Machines / Supplies  It's the oldest and most popular binding system. Plastic comb binding machines punch 19 rectangular holes into an 11" sheet of paper. To bind, the supply comb is spread open and its fingers are inserted into the punched sheets. Comb binding is easily updated.

velobind machineVeloBind Systems / Strips Plastic pins go through 11 small punched holes and rivet sheets together through a heat sealing process. Depending on the machine, VeloBind can bind a book up to 3" of paper - the most of any binding machine. Being a permanent binding system, legal, accounting, and final bound copies are often bound with Velobind.

We want you to be happy with your binding and laminating supplies or machine purchase, so please call us at 800-886-2463 to get expert advice for your purchase.

Binding Machines, All the different binding styles are available: CoilBind, Comb binding, Wire Bind both in the 3:1 or the 2:1 pitch patterns; round or squared off holes. Akiles, Tamerica, Docugem, and PDI are among our manufactures of desktop binding machines or systems. We also have the Strip binding machines from Tamerica, the VeloBind machines from GBC, (General Binding Corporation). Tape Binding and thermal binding machines and supplies from ProBind, CoverBind and Standard are readily available as well. Heavy duty punching machines and binding modules from Renz and Rhin-O-Tuff are the machines to buy when you are looking for quality binding machines that will last a long time.

Binding Supplies, Coil Binding supplies come in lengths from 12" - 36" and are made to insert easily into the binding holes - kind of like a slinky. Wire Binding: 3:1 now goes up to bind up to a 5/8", the 2:1 pitch will bind up to 1 1/2". Thermal bind covers are available either with a clear front cover or we can customize them as you like. Thermal binding supplies also include the hardback book covers, perfect as a real estate listing proposal, boardroom report, sales presentation or yearbooks. Comb binding supplies - the most popular and oldest binding style - is available in 16 sizes and many colors. Comb binding supplies will bind a book up to 2" thick. Velobind or Strip Binding supplies use heat and are just about impossible to take apart without a binding machine. Cover Sheets and all the other supplies needed for binding a document are available. Our order pages will reflect the binding sizes and color options that are available. Many of the binding supplies are easily made custom, making your document stand out, showing your name and logo.

Custom Covers: What do you want your document to look like? How do you want to be portrayed? We sell thousands of clear front covers and basic black covers every day, however what we enjoy producing and selling are the custom covers. It takes just a little bit more work, however when you get the customized report cover, you will like them. Put your name and logo in the front of you documents cover and see if your proposals sell more product. For the small investment custom covers cost, they may bring better results for your hand outs.

Index Tabs: Customizing an index tab is easy to do. All we need are the titles of your report chapters. You can also choose the ink color, font and color of mylar on the index tab extension. Body copy is available too. Index tabs are available as custom or as a stock product. Numbered tabs go as high as you need and come in packs of 25. We also have blank index tabs that will print in your high speed copier. These tabs come either plain or with printable mylar already on the extension. Basic blank index tabs come in a bank of 5, but we can produce them in however many index banks you need.

Custom Comb Bindings. One of our more popular customizing products has always been customizing the plastic comb bindings. From sizes 1/4" - 2" the comb bindings can be printed on the back with you name, logo or title.
Look at the comb bound books in your bookshelf.
How many of them are just standing there, not letting you know who they are from, or what the ideas are that are held in the pages? I would bet that the Custom Comb Binding bound book will stand out, and let you find it immediately. That is an easy, economical and effective form of advertising.

Roll Laminators, We carry the popular laminators from Ledco / General Graphics, Royal Sovereign and Tamerica. These roll laminators are made for the long haul. School laminating machines include the Educator and Professor models. Commercial laminating machines will mount and laminate up to a 10 mil thickness - at high speeds. Wide format lamination machines for commercial print or copy centers are needed to compete in the digital market. Give us a call, we will work with you on getting you the best laminating machine.

Pouch Laminators, These desktop laminators easily protect your business cards, letters, pictures and other paper from the elements. Perfect for schools, clubs, churches and offices to use when a small amount of laminating is needed. Pouch laminators come in many sizes, will laminate different thicknesses of material, and will laminate at differing speeds. There are many pouch laminators to choose from, we would like to help you choose the right one.

Paper Shredders Security is the need. What is the value of the information you need to protect? Our paper shredding line encompasses a wide variety of protection. Many of our paper shredders will cut your paper down to the size of a grain of rice. No-one will be able to read the information or put a piece of paper back together that was shredded when it is cut that tiny. These paper shredders are made for government security and other high value potential security risks. However, for the vast majority of paper shredding a basic cross cut paper shredder will be just fine. What you have to look for in paper shredding is the width of the paper shredding throat, how fast it will shred, and whether the paper shredder is powerful enough to continue to shred without turning itself off - overheating - after a few minutes of shredding.

We know binding machines. We've been selling, servicing, consulting about binding, laminating and paper handling systems and supplies since 1976.

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BindingStuff has different styles of punch and binding paper machines for sale. Binding machines for professional print and copy centers, office reproduction centers, paper binding systems for large and small offices, home office binding equipment and binding machines for scrap bookking, are all available.

If you want, we'll help you choose which machine is best for you, taking consideration of your binding needs: what you want your bound book to look like, ease of binding, electric or manual binding systems, and of course the budget for binding machines.
You can choose from:Coil Bind, Wire Binders, Comb or Plastic Binding, Thermal and Perfect Glue Binding, and Velobind and other Strip binding systems, and Wire bind

Our binding supplies include the spines, coils, wires, screw posts and other binding system supplies and binding supplies covers.

We have book binding machine instructions and reviews online and we'll be happy to help you out of a binding jam if you give us a call at 800-886-2463.