Wire Spirals for Coil Binding: Coil bind with metal instead of plastic.

Metal Spiral Coil Supply
Metal Spiral Coil Supply
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Product Description

Wire Spiral Coils bind in all the coil binding machines.....
Use our wire metal coil bindings and your pages will not fall out.
It is easier to bind with wire spiral coil on a thick book than the plastic spiral coil because the wire is stronger than the plastic coil, and will insert into the punched holes quicker and with less friction. Just use standard needle nosed pliers (about $8.00 at any hardware store.)to cut off the excess coil and twirl the edges into the spiralcoil. Wire spiral coil come 12" long as standard, and in a 4:1 pitch.

Call 800-952-2463 to get quantity discounts with an order over 500 pieces.

Please be aware that pictures above are representative of the various sizes, colors and tines available and not all sizes of coil are the same thickness

Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 1/4" or 6mm  - Binds to 31 sheets.

Choose Color:  100 - 1/4 Coils - Your discount total = $33.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 5/16" or 8mm  - Binds to 40 sheets

Choose Color:  100 - 5/16 Coils - Your discount total = $36.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 3/8" / 10mm  - Binds to 68 sheets.

Choose Color:  100 - 3/8 Coils - Your discount total = $40.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 7/16" / 11mm  - Binds to 76 sheets.

Choose Color:  Choose Quantity: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 1/2" or 13mm  - Binds to 90 sheets.

Choose Color:  100 - 1/2 Coils - Your discount total = $51.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 9/16" or 14mm  - Binds to 102 sheets.

Choose Color:  100 - 9/16 Coils - Your discount total = $54.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 5/8" / 16mm  - Binds to 120 sheets

Choose Color:  100 - 5/8 Coils - Your discount total = $75.00: 
 Spiral Coil Supply - 3/4" / 20mm  - Binds to 157 sheets.

Choose Color: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 7/8" or 22mm  - Binds to 175 sheets.

Choose Color:  Choose Quantity: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 1" or 25mm  - Binds to 193 sheets.

Choose Color:  Choose Quantity: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 1 1/4" / 32mm  - Binds to 250 sheets

Choose Color:  100 - 1-1/4 Coils - Your discount total = $185.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 1 1/2" / 38mm  - Binds to 280 sheets.

Choose Color:  100 - 1-1/2 Coils - Your discount total = $186.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 1-3/4" / 45mm  - Binds to 350 sheets.

Choose Color:  100 - 1 3/4 Coils - Your discount total = $300.00: 
Metal Spiral Coil Supply - 2" or 50mm  - Binds to 390 sheets.

Choose Color:  100 - 2 Coils - Your discount total = $390.00: 
Coil Binding Machines
  • Low Volume: Home or Small Office Coil Binding Machines

  • Medium Volume: Office Duty - Spiral Coil Binding Machines

  • Heavy Duty: Coil Binding Machines for larger production and ease of use.

  • Separate punching and binding machines: Universal Punches for Coil Binding allows speedier binding production.

  • Plastic Spiral Coil Supplies - 4:1 pitch

  • Wire Spiral Coil binding supplies - for binding thicker documents and for better durability.
  • Binding Tools:
    Spiral Coil Binding
    Machines and Supplies.

    Binding a book or document with plastic spiral coil is an easy process if you get the right binding machine and supplies. We'll help. Call us: 800-886-2463.

    The tools needed for spiral coil binding include a paper punch that will put either round or oval holes into the sheets, a coil bind roller inserter (or you can use your hands for just a few books) and a pair of coil bind pliers that cut and crimp off the excess of the coil bind supply.

    A few words of CAUTION: Binding with plastic coil is easy up to approxmately 5/8" thickness, after that plastic coil binding is cumbersome.
    For that reason we recommend our Metal Wire Spiral Coil; it inserts so much easier and faster than the plastic coil. It is stronger and looks and feels better than the plastic coil as well.

    Custom Wire Spiral Coil

    If you need wire spiral binding coil in different lengths, different pitches, or different tines please call us at 800-886-2463.

    Wire Spiral Coil made of Metal. Wire Spiral coil will quickly bind into your document.
    The wire spiral coils are easier to insert than the plastic coils, especially into thick books.

    Wire Spiral Coil is sturdier, stronger and heavier than the plastic coil.

    Wire coil often is called Metal spiral, WireBinding, Metalbinding, or Metal Coil.

    Wire Spiral coil comes in all the sizes; from 6mm to over 60mm, 12" long and in a 4:1 pitch. If you don't see the size or length wire coil you need, give us a call at 800-886-2463. ( You should add 1/8" to the book thickness to get the correct diameter of coil.)

    wire spiral coil - bookbinding coil made of metal We can also make the coils out of a thicker tine of wire. Use the thicker coils when you are binding menus, swatch books or more decorative books. (This is a custom wire spiral coil production and a minimum cost of $250 will be charged.)

    You can order the wire spiral binding coils in different pitches than 4:1, this way you can bind the coils into different binding holes.

    Wire Spiral coil bindings will easily bind documents using any of the coil binding machines from PDI Rhin-O-Tuff, Akiles, GBC, Tamerica, DFG, Renz or any other of the tabletop coil binding systems that punch round or oval holes.

    Use these wire coils in place of plastic coil when you need a sturdier binding, a different look for your bound books, or when you have a 1" or thicker book to be bound with coil.

    To cut the wire spiral coil binding, just use a standard pair of needle nose pliers that can also cut wire.