VeloBind System #1

Bind up to 1" of paper - 250 sheets!

GBC / VeloBind System 1
GBC / VeloBind System 1
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Product Description

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It is easy to make a great looking VeloBind book.

First - align approximately 20 sheets into the paper punching slot at the bottom of the VeloBind machine. - Pull down the handle bar to punch the sheets. 11 small round holes - spaced 1" apart will be made. Repeat for as many pages as needed. Also punch your cover sheets.

Second - Get the supply strips.velobind supply strips VeloBind strips consist of two pieces: one with 11 prongs and the other has 11 holes plus a smaller guide hole. The VeloBind machine has a guide post, align the guide hole strip onto the guide post, and then place the punched paper directly on top, so that all the holes are aligned.

Third - Insert the prong strip into the holes; all 11 prongs will easily slip right in. Pull down the binding bar and place on top of the prong strip. Pull down the punch handle - this turns on the heating element. In about 10 seconds the ready light will come on. Lift the punch handle and binding bars back up and pull the bound document off the VeloBind machine. Your book is bound!

VeloBind System 1: All-in-one efficiency

Get professional-looking VeloBind® results with this all-in-one punch and bind system. The manual punch handle is convenient for right- or left-handed use. The pressure bar and alignment guide hold documents (up to 1" or 250 sheets) in place during electric finishing.

VeloBind spinesVelobind spine supply colors
These spines add a smooth, book-like finish to your presentations.

VeloBind spines lock pages permanently in place without visible holes, tapes or fasteners and are perfect for mailing, filing or stacking.

VeloBind produces impressive looking documents that convey quality and professionalism.

The VeloBind System 1 binding machine is the perfect system for low to moderate volume users who desire a secure binding machine. With a 1" Velobind supply strip, you can bind documents from 2 up to 250 sheets (1" of paper).

The VeloBind System 1 uses a heat sealing technology to securely bind documents. The Velobind System 1 also has a built in debinder so you can edit your document.

Punches approximately 20 sheets at a time. Binding takes about 10 seconds.

Binding Stuff carries all the GBC VeloBind supplies: strips and cover sheets and we can customize the cover supplies with your name or logo.

Call Binding Stuff at 1 -800-952 -2463 regarding customizing your Velobind supplies.


  • Ready light indicates when binding is complete
  • Extra-large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
  • VeloBind Strip Supply available in 8.5", 11" and 14" lengths
  • Punching capacity 20 sheets per lift based on 20 lb. bond
  • Maximum binding length 14''
  • Binding capacity Up to 1” or 250 sheets
  • Binding cycle speed 10-12 seconds per cycle
  • Machine weight 31 lbs.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 20'' x 7'' x 15''
  • Power requirements 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 A
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Safety UL Approved


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