VersaMac Plus+ High Speed Paper Punch from Akiles
For punching: Coil, Comb, Wire, 3-Hole and VeloBinding
Increases Punch Speed Dramatically

Akiles VersaMac Plus + Heavy Duty Punch w/ Auto Ejector & Stacker <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b>
Akiles VersaMac Plus + Heavy Duty Punch w/ Auto Ejector & Stacker
FREE Shipping within continental USA
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Product Description

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 Akiles VersaMac Plus + at The VersaMac Plus + from Akiles can punch 300 - 500 sheets/minute for: Plastic Comb, Coil binding, Wire bind, 3-Hole or VeloBind. The VersaMac Plus semi-automatic punch can punch hundreds of sheets per minute for any of the popular binding holes.

Just place a stack of 20 - 35 sheets into the punch slot; the VersaMac Plus + does the rest. The VersaMac Plus + will automatically punch the paper, offset, and jog the sheets into the pick-up tray. This saves you from 2 steps in the punching process and speeds the job dramatically.

The Versamac Plus has a 3 Year Warranty

Commercial Grade Electric Modular Punch with Automatic Paper Ejector & Stacker. With its ability to Automatically Punch, Eject, Stack, and Jog, the Akiles VersaMac+ is the perfect solution for high volume commercial environments, where speed and dependability are key.

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Heavy Duty Punch Motor: Punches over 500 sheets per min with 70 punch cycles per minute.
Interchangeable Die Sets: Quickly change punch patterns by sliding any of the 14 available die sets in and out. No tools needed.
Extra Large Paper Stacker: Holds up to 1500 sheets or 3 reams of 20 lb paper and includes a built-in jogger.
3 Year Warranty: The VersaMac Plus is covered by our industry leading 3 year warranty and loaner program.
Side Margin Control: Positions your paper for a well-centered punch.
Stacking Stabilizer
Manual Jam Release: (Behind machine)
Paper Feed Stabilizer
Die Lock w/ Safety Sensor
Reverse Button
Mode Toggle: Switch between Auto, Foot Pedal, and Punch Only Operation.
Die Storage: Conveniently store up to two dies.
Paper Guides: Adjustable guides align stacks up to 14" wide.
Stacking Table: Stacks up to 1500 sheets of 20 lb paper and includes a built-in jogger.
Large Waste Drawer


Punching Operation: Electric (Automatic or Foot Pedal)
Punching Capacity: 500+ Sheets / Min
Punching Length: 14" with Open End
Stack Capacity: 1500 Sheets (20 lb paper)
Available Die Sets: 14 Interchangeable Die Sets (Compatible with VersaMac and VersaMac+)
Disengageable Pins: Yes (On all die sets)
Adjustable Depth Margin: Yes (4-step adjustment on each die set)
Machine Dimensions: 43" L x 21.5" H x 26" D
Weight & Volume: 234 lbs & 18.3 CbFt
Warranty: 3 Year

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