Versalam Laminators

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Versalam Laminators
Versalam Laminators
Item# VersaL
2 Versalam Laminators to choose from: 

Product Description

Versalam LaminatorsThe Versalam Laminators are unique in the laminating industry in that you can:

Laminate on two sides,
• Laminate on just one side,
• Mount / Laminate Board up to 3/16''.

laminating machine

For standard two sided lamination, just turn on the laminator and feed your sheets into the feeding tray.

To laminate one side only, for book covers, heavy stock paper or mounting boards; just turn off the heat to the bottom roller. Without heat, you can use just one roll of film, and therefore laminate on one side only.
(For single sided laminating, we recommend the use of either nylon roll film or BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene) laminating roll film. Call us at 800-886-2463 for details on these laminating films.

Mounting is easy as well. Just set your print onto the board and feed it into the rollers in the front of the laminator.
It will mount up to 3/16' thick.
Use either pre-made pouch mounting boards or any board up to 3/16'' thick.

laminator temperature guide
Film Temperature guide for Lamination

Features of both Versalams are:

  • One sided and two sided laminating
  • Laminating thickness 1.3 mil. to 10 mil.
  • Maximum mounting capability: 3/16"
  • Temperature Memory function
  • Core sizes: 1" and 3"
  • Mounted on its own Stand
  • Variable speed and Temperature Control
  • On-Off Switch for bottom roller heat
  • Heavy duty all metal construction
  • UL Approved

  • Individual Versalam Features:

  • Versalam 2700 available now
  • Maximum laminating width of the Versalam 2700 is 27"
  • Weight of the Versalam 2700 is 146 lbs, 209 lbs crated.
  • Dimensions of the Versalam 2700: 36.5" x 14" x 40.5"

  • Versalam 1300 features
  • Maximum laminating width of the Versalam 1300 is 13"
  • Weight of the Versalam 1300 is 105 lbs, 115 lbs crated
  • Dimensions of the Versalam 1300: 27" x 10" x 40.5"

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