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A VeloBind Machine will give your document a crisp, secure strip bind. The Velobind machine will punch your sheets and the VeloBind hot knife firmly shears and rivets your pages together with the VeloBind strip. It's nearly impossible to tear apart a VeloBind bound document; yet they can be edited. The VeloBind machines can reheat the strips, making them pliable enough to edit your document. The strips for Velobind come in size increments of 1, 2 and 3 inches.

The Professional model VeloBind machines BindingStuff carries are the GBC VeloBind System 1, Velobind System 2 and the VeloBind System 3 Pro. The differences among these VeloBinding machines are basically how thick they will bind for.

► The System 1 Velobind will bind from 2 sheets to 1 inch of paper. This VeloBind system has a manual punch, pull the bar down and it will easily punch the Velobind holes into about 20 sheets of paper at a time.

The VeloBind System 2 will electrically punch about 20 sheets at a time and will bind from 2 sheets to 2 inches of paper.

the System 3 Pro VeloBind machine will punch approximately 30 sheets at a time and will bind from 2 sheets of paper to 3 inches of paper. This System 3 Pro VeloBind is the heavy duty machine, made for larger offices and copy centers that need to VeloBind quickly.

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GBC / VeloBind System #3 Pro

system 3Pro Velobind is the Most powerful VeloBind machine.

Will bind a document up to 750 sheets!

This heavy-duty system easily punches and binds large VeloBind® jobs.
The pressure bar lifts up and returns to indicate when binding is complete and is adjustable for faster turnaround on smaller presentations.
Punch more efficiently with your choice of push-button, punch-sensor or foot-pedal control.

  • Built-in debind function lets you edit presentations
  • Ready light indicates when system is ready to use
  • Extra-large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
  • Adjustable paper alignment guide
  • Binds sheets up to 14"
  • Regular price: $4,706.00
    Sale price: $3,999.00
    GBC / VeloBind System #3 Pro vb3
    Strips and Supplies for Velobind and Strip Binding Machines
    Strips and Supplies for Velobind and Strip Binding Machines vbs100
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    SecureBind #V2000Pro
    Strip Binds up to 2" of Paper.
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    The SecureBind binding system from Tamerica.

  • The Securebind is able to bind up to two inches of paper
    by using either a 1" or 2" wide binding strip.

  • To bind you manually punch approximately 20 sheets by pulling the handle down, doing that until all your pages are punched.
    Next, insert the strip post binding through the holes that you just punched into the paper.
    The "hot knife" cuts off any excess of the binding strip and rivets the sheets and plastic binding strips together.

  • Use any covers, makes soft back and will also make hardback books.

  • Punching Capacity - approximately 20 sheets of paper

  • Binding Capacity - 2" of paper.

  • Binding Length - standard 11" and up to 14"

  • All VeloBind 11 pin supplies will work with SecureBind.

  • Dimensions:23 x 8 x 11
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Regular price: $1,699.00
    Sale price: $1,095.00
    SecureBind #V2000Pro v2000Pro
    GBC / VeloBind System 1
    The entry level professional VeloBind machine.
    Binds from 2 to 250 sheets (1" of paper). Strong. Sleek. Secure.


      • Ready light indicates when binding is complete
      • Extra-large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
      • VeloBind Strip Supply available in 8.5", 11" and 14" lengths
      • Punching capacity 20 sheets per lift based on 20 lb. bond
      • Maximum binding length 14''
      • Binding capacity Up to 1” or 250 sheets
      • Binding cycle speed 10-12 seconds per cycle
      • Machine weight 31 lbs.
      • Dimensions (W x H x D) 20'' x 7'' x 15''
      • Power requirements 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 A
      • Warranty: 90 days
      • Safety UL Approved
    GBC / VeloBind System 1 gbc/vb1
    GBC / VeloBind System #2
    VeloBind up to 2" of paper.

    • Punching capacity: 22 sheets per lift based on 20 lb. bond.
    VeloBind binding Capacity Up to 2" or 500 sheets
    • Productivity 10-12 second binding cycle speed
    • Binding Strips available in 11", 8.5" and 14"
    • Binding Cycle Speed 10-12 seconds per cycle
    • Warranty 90 days
    • Item number: 9707030 - VeloBind
    • Machine weight: 68 lbs.
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 23.5'' x 10.75'' x 17.75''
    • Power requirements: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 4 A
    • Safety: UL Approved
    Regular price: $3,164.00
    Sale price: $2,595.00
    GBC / VeloBind System #2 vb2
    Secure Bind 4 Pin Binding Machines
    Secure Bind 4 Pin Binding Machines sb
    VeloBind / SecureBind DeBinding Tool
    VeloBind / SecureBind DeBinding Tool debind