E Titan Coil Ultimate
Extra Heavy Duty Electric Coil Punch and Binding Machine

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E Titan Coil Ultimate
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Product Description

The Titan Coil Ultimate E is a sturdy workhorse. It punches a lot of paper - quickly, with an oval hole - which lets you insert the plastic coil faster. If you are looking to buy a quality coil binding machine, with a one year warranty, look at the Titan Coil Ultimate E.

This new Coil Binding Machine from DFG has all the options you want:

• Punches up to 30 sheets

• All the pins are disengageable

• Heavy weight die cast metal body; not stamped out sheet metal.

• Steel Ball Bearings are used, not bushings, which increases the life of the machine

Oval holes and a J shaped book former make binding thick books easier.

Extra Heavy Duty Electric Punch and Electric Binding Machine

  • Innovative SERVOGROOVE • roller binding increases productivity by 75% when combining oval hole punch.

  • Full Die Disengagement Pins - To center punch all size documents and multiply documents without having a partial hole in the documents. ( 4 x 5 mm Double "D" oval holes )

  • Punch Margin Control - Maximizes the tear resistance on all documents.

  • Side Margin Control - For evenly centered document punching.

  • Sheet Stack Performer and Support - for easy binding.

  • Open Punch Throat - For punching larger documents wider than 11".

  • Continue Punch Guide - For easy punching any size of paper up to 23" in length.

  • Sturdy Die Cast Metal Construction - For many years of worry free operation.

  • Electric Punch Capacity - Up to 30 sheets oval holes ( 20lbs, 4 x 5 mm holes ).

  • It is also included with a trash drawer, no-skid feet, and a heavy duty foot switch.

  • Dimensions: 21" x 19" x 14"

  • One Year Warranty

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