Titan Coil Binding Machine

Titan Coil Binding

Heavy Duty Manual Coil Punching and Electrical Binding Machine

TitanCoil Benefits:

Heavy Duty Punch: Punches up to 25 sheets of paper (20 lbs) one time.

Full 46 Disengagement Pins: World’s first coil machine for a completely clean punching with any size of paper.

Electrical Coil Binding: Up-mounted heavy-duty power roller significantly improves the productivity and greatly reduces the operator fatigue, comparing other bottom-mounted roller.

Side Margin Control: Combine with fully pull pins to make perfectly centered punch for any size of sheet

Coil Size Selector: Build in coil size selector suggest coils for any thickness of book

Punch margin control: Provide strongest binding for any thickness of book.

Open Throat and easy Punch support: Easily punch any length of book

Large Waster Drawer

Plastic Spiral Coil

Plastic Coil Binding Supplies
Plastic spiral coil binding twirls through your book like a spring; letting your pages turn 360 degrees.
Coil binding machines.
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