ThermalBinding Hardback Cover Crimper

ThermalBinding Hardback Cover Crimper
ThermalBinding Hardback Cover Crimper
Item# pbcrimp

Product Description

HardBack Cover Crimper securely locks in your sheets, making your book tight and crisp. The ProBind Crimper has beveled channels that "pinch" and form the glue at the binding indentations at the left side of the booklet.
Use the Thermal Binding Hardback Cover Crimper to hold and form the glue in the hardback covers after you have heated the covers in the thermal binding heater.

The new Pro-Bind Crimper has been completely re-engineered; this new model has actually been reverse engineered by having the throat rest in closed position. Utilizing a gas shock that operates when the handle is pulled down, you then drop your book into the crimper. By releasing the handle, the gas cylinder extends 40 PSI of pressure and will close along the edge of the spine of your hardcover producing the perfect bound hard cover book.

The new unit has closed in sides and will not completely close tight thus making it much safer and easier to use.