Thermal Bind Covers
Are ready to bind your loose sheets together,
Just put your sheets into the cover, then into the ProBind Thermal Binder.
That's It, your Book is ready to read in a minute!

Thermal Bind Covers - PaperHow quick can you bind 20 books with coil, comb, strip or wire bindings?
A 100 page book will take about 3 minutes or so with an average quality system, 20 books will take about an hour. And that's not a bad speed.

With a ProBind 1000 (costs about $100.) you can bind those 20 books in 20 minutes.

With a ProBind 2000 (costs under $700), those 20 books will take about 7 - 8 minutes,
because you can bind multiple books with a thickness totaling 2" of paper at the same time, that's 4 books you can bind in a minute.

Any wonder why more and more people are turning to Thermal Binding?

Thermal Binding looks great and holds tight. You can customize and finish the book with just about any decoration that you want: foil stamping, offset printing, silk screening, embossing, debossing, and die cutting.

Thermal Binding Covers come a few different ways:

Utility Covers which are basic clear covers as fronts, and a heavier card stock paper back. You can purchase these utility covers in small increments and they typically are shipped in a day.

Custom Thermal Covers are not stocked. They have to be manufactured when you order them. Custom entails the different paper stock that you want, different thickness for the spine, and of course any custom printing or decoration. Custom thermal covers take approximately one to three weeks to manufacture.

100 Thermal Covers per box

Prestige Linen Thermal Binding Covers
thermal binding covers or glue bound covers Prestige Linen Covers are made from a 80 lb. finished card stock. Stiff enough to firmly bind your sheets, these are good looking and will make a fine impression.

Thermal binding covers are pre-made, with glue already in the spine, folded, and with a spine helper score, ready to bind your pages into a good looking book.

Soft Cover Thermal Binders provide a polished and finished look to all bound documents. No punching, crimping or clean up! Simply place your loose pages into a soft cover thermal binder and place into the ProBind 1000 or Pro-Bind 2000. Depress the start button and seconds later your bind is complete.

Customize the binders with foil stamping, embossing, transparent fronts, 1 color to 4 color process offset printing, custom die cuts or pockets.

Binders are made for 8-1/2" x 11" sheet size.

Call us at 800-886-BIND (2463) for larger quantity discounts and questions about customizing options.
Thermal covers in colors other than white and thermal binding covers that are customized will have to be manufactured, and therefore may take 3-4 weeks for production. If you need the thermal binding covers quicker, please call us at 800-886-2463.
Prestige Linen Thermal Binding Covers prothrml

Minimum order of 300 Thermal Covers per order:  Color:  Want a Window?: 
Thermal Binding Covers - Colors

Make an attractive book just by inserting your sheets into the folder and then into the binding machine.
The folders already have glue in the center, so all you have to do is push a button.
The machine heats up and melts the glue - which adheres to the edge of the sheets of paper.
The end result is a very strong bound document; similar to a phone book or paper back book.

These thermal binding covers come with a clear front plastic protective cover - so you can add your cover sheet which will show through.

Covers have adhesive glue already embedded in the spine,
and have a nice colored linen back sheet.
They work in all the thermal binding systems on the market.

Sheet size of 8 1/2" x 11".
Thickness choices are from 1/16" - 2".
100 per pack

Thermal covers in colors other than white may have to be manufactured, and therefore may take 1 - 3 weeks for production.
If you need the thermal binding covers quicker, please call us at 800-952-2463.
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Clear Thermal Binding Covers
Thermal Binding covers give a clean finished "perfect binding" style to your documents. Thermal bound books are ideal for proposals and documents as well as filing, stacking and mailing. They hold pages securely, without holes, tape or fasteners. These stock covers come with a clear front and white or black sturdy paper back.

Use page count only as a guide. The number of pages will vary with the thickness of text sheets being bound. The best fit will be obtained by measuring the thickness of the document.
Clear Thermal Binding Covers bca
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If you have questions, or want to order on the phone,
Call us at 1-800-886-2463