Screw Posts for Binding Documents, Swatches, Boards, or Books.

Screw Posts Screw Posts are a quick way to bind loose sheets, swatches or other materials. These posts go from 1/4" up to 4". Extensions are available.

Colors besides aluminum are available.

screw posts for binding

Aluminum Screw Posts - Silver: 100 Quantity
Order here to get 100 Screw Posts.
Aluminum Screw Post: 
Screw Post available colors are: Gold, Antique Brass and Black.
Screw Post Extension
Screw Post Extension

Screw Post Extensions:  100 per box: 
Plastic Screw Posts
Plastic Screw Posts
Plastic Screw Posts are an easy way to hold paper and any other material together.
Plastic Screw Posts plscp

Choose Color:  Plastic Screw Post: 
Need to Drill or Punch a Hole for the Screw Posts?

drills and hole punches
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Drills and Hole Punches.