DocuCrease Channel Scorer

Ideal for glossy covers & digital prints.

ScoringFold your digitally printed stock without any Cracking!
Ideal for cover and card stock.

Achieving crack-free scoring of stocks printed from digital color and black and white printing systems is no longer an issue with the Standard Morgana DocuCrease®. Easy to use, the economical DocuCrease is ideal for any environment looking for a short-run creasing solution to complement its digital printing systems.

The desktop Standard Morgana DocuCrease® Channel Scorer provides a fast, easy way to channel score covers, cards and even laminated material without cracking.
DocuCrease paper Scoring machine

Ground-breaking Design Unlike rotary scorers that can leave a cracked finish on some stocks, the channel score produced by the DocuCrease provides a clean, sharp score that doesn't damage the printed image. That's because the creasing action is achieved by embedding the fibers — across the length of the document — between a dye and an anvil…all in one action into the stock surface. The result is a superb crease without damage.

Simple Operation The DocuCrease contains a clearly marked table with an indicator scale for easy and accurate positioning of the creases. Two adjustable backstops allow for two creases in one pass on the same piece, or for easy set-up of multiple creasing jobs.

And it is "ergonomically correct", making it easy to use for either right or left handed operation.

The DocuCrease is great for adding creases to: ■ Glossy cover stocks with the grain going in the wrong direction ■ Ink or toner-based stocks ■ Pamphlets/brochures ■ Greeting cards ■ Covers used for booklets or perfect bound books

Versatile Available in two models, the DocuCrease 35 channel scores up to 14" in length,

and the DocuCrease 52 scores up to 20.5".

Both models are ideal for a wide assortment of printed materials. Additional backstops can be added to either unit to increase the number of preset crease positions per pass that you can get from using the two standard backstops.

DocuCrease 35
Buy the DocuCrease 35 here. It scores to a maximum length of 14".
DocuCrease 52
Buy the DocuCrease 52 here. It scores to a maximum length of 20.5".
Easy Crease Pro
Convenient Electric Operation
Up to 14" Width
Precisely creases glossy covers, digital prints
Foot Pedal Operation (Standard)
Easily select between narrow or wide crease
Crease up to 14pt. stock
Easy Crease Pro ecreasPro
Docucrease specifications