Laminating Machines
Laminate your Posters, Signs, Menus, Photos, Prints, etc, with our easy to use Laminating Machines.

Lamination Rolls
Laminating Roll Film to work in all the popular roll laminators.
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Lamination Rolls lamroll
Roll Laminator # TCC2700
Perfect for school, print shops and office the TCC2700 Laminator is designed to quickly and efficiently provide the permanent protection you're looking for.

For more info on the TCC2700 Roll Laminator from Tamerica, Click Here
Regular price: $2,796.00
Sale price: $1,897.00
Roll Laminator # TCC2700 tcc2700
Versalam Laminators
Versatile Laminators from Tamerica!
Two Side Laminate
1 Side Laminate

Choose either 13" or 27".
Versalam Laminators VersaL
2 Versalam Laminators to choose from: 
Fully Automatic #360 Laminator <br>
     Fully Automatic Laminator and Trimmer
     Feeds the Sheets,
     Laminates and Trims on all 4 sides automatically

     Click here for more Info
Regular price: $10,999.00
Sale price: $9,999.00
Fully Automatic #360 Laminator
DH 360
42" / 55" /  62" Laminator <br> Exp-42/55/62 by D&K
Wide Format Laminators
3 Models to choose from

the Expression series by D&K offer laminating, mounting and encapsulation up to 61" wide.

Easy to use and operator friendly.
42" / 55" / 62" Laminator
Exp-42/55/62 by D&K
Wide Format Laminators by Royal Sovereign - #RSH-1151 & RSH-1651
Wide Format Laminators from Royal Sovereign
2 Laminators to choose from: Either a 45" or 65" width; both offering high quality thermal and pressure sensitive laminating, encapsulation and mounting to 5/8" thick.
Wide Format Laminators by Royal Sovereign - #RSH-1151 & RSH-1651 rsh
TableTop Laminator - Royal Sovereign RSH380SL
15" Laminator - Perfect for schools and offices that do not have the need for wide format, but want the quality lamination, ability for single sided laminating as well as mounting capabilities.
TableTop Laminator - Royal Sovereign RSH380SL RSH380sl
Royal Sovereign RSL-2701 27" Hot Roller Laminator
Great Features and a Low Price • Hot Rollers • 27" wide • 5 mil thick
Regular price: $2,083.00
Sale price: $1,760.00
Royal Sovereign RSL-2701 27" Hot Roller Laminator rsl2701
Xyron #6300 Laminator
The Xyron XM6300 laminator is the affordable alternative to time consuming hand finishing with rollers and squeegees.

  • Apply all types of PSA films, premask tapes and adhesives.
  • Mount prints on boards up to 1” thick at production speeds.
  • Easy set up and low maintenance makes the XM6300 a hit with new users. Need us to Match a Price?
  • Regular price: $6,999.00
    Sale price: $6,300.00
    Xyron #6300 Laminator xm6300
    Xyron 6300 Laminator: 
    Phoenix Mounting Laminator
    44" Heavy Duty Mounting Laminator
    Mounts Posters, POP, Signs, etc.
    Single Side Laminates
    Phoenix Mounting Laminator phoenix
    Call 800-952-2463 for: 
    Xyron 1255 Cold Laminator #XRN1255
    Roll Laminator for: Adhesives, Cold Laminating, and Mounting without Spray.
    Pouch Laminators

    For Pouch Laminating Machines and Film choices, click here.

    Laminators to laminate your business cards, ID tags,
    Menus, Signs, Letters and More.

    Choices include:

    Swedex Pouch Laminator - Laminate using Recyclable Film

    Tamerica's Heavy Duty 13" Width Laminator w/1 year Warranty

    • The Akiles ProLam Ultra-X Series Laminators:

    REALLY FAST - 142"/minute "Ultra X10,

    18.9" WIDE Laminator "ProLam Ultra XL"

    FAST and 13" wide "Akiles ProLam Ultra X6".

    And many more pouch laminators to choose from.
    Xyron 2500 Cold Laminator
    25" COLD Roll laminator. Applies laminate, adhesive, mounts, repositionable adherents, etc...
  • Immediate set up - no waiting for it to heat up!
  • EZ to write on the lamination for notes.
  • Film for mounting as well as laminating.
  • End product can be folded and put in your pocket!
  • Regular price: $1,799.99
    Sale price: $1,439.90
    Xyron 2500 Cold Laminator xyron2500
    Laminating Work Station
    Laminating Work Station lamstat
     <u>Fujipla 13" Roll Laminator </u>
    Perfect for Schools and Offices. 13" Roll Laminator.

    Open Box Special...
    Only 1 available
    Regular price: $1,225.00
    Sale price: $800.00
    Fujipla 13" Roll Laminator lpe3510
    AutoLaminator - FujiPla ALM3230
    Why The FujiPla 3230 is worth $10,000?
    But it costs less!!!

    Now On SALE... Save Thousand$
    Hurry - Only 1 Left at this Price!

    It SAVES LABOR TIME - the FujiPla 3230 is a fully automated laminator.
    Automatic feeding
    Automatic laminating
    Automatic trimming
    And, it's small enough to sit on a desk.

    This FujiPla 3230 laminator produces beautifully laminated sheets with gloss, matte or silk laminating film.
    Regular price: $9,995.00
    Sale price: $9,699.00
    AutoLaminator - FujiPla ALM3230 fujipla3230
    Jetmount laminators
    The design of JetMounter™ roller laminators is the culmination of three decades of experience in the mounting and laminating business.

    Equipped with the performance features our customers demand, JetMounter™ roller laminators are unmatched for value.
    Jetmount laminators jetm

    A Laminator will encapsulate and protect your Documents, Posters, Menus and other important papers. There are two basic types of laminating machines: a pouch laminator or a roll laminator. Either type of laminator has substyles: mounting and laminating capabilities, cold laminating ability, one sided lamination, and wide format laminators.

    Pouch laminating is a simple process. Let the laminator heat up (takes about 5 minutes), place your paper into the pre-made lamination pouch, then into a laminator carrier, and then into the laminator itself. The finished laminated pouch will then come out in a few seconds.

    Our pouch laminators start at 4" wide, they're made to laminate ID's, business cards and other small documents. A 9" Pouch laminator will laminate standard 8.5" x 11" sheet sizes and legal sizes up to 8.5" x 14" as well as anything smaller. A larger 12" Pouch Laminator will laminate sheets of paper up to 11" x 17".

    A Roll Laminator is just a little more complex than a pouch laminator. Roll Laminators require 2 rolls of laminating film, one on top of a feeding tray and one below the tray. Put your paper on the laminator feeding tray and the rolls of laminator film will pull in your paper and laminate it.

    We carry numerous quality school laminating machines: ► the Educator Laminator by Ledco. Laminating which was manufactured with teachers input, ► - An excellent laminating machine is the, ► GBC Heat Seal Ultima 65 - a huge selling school laminator and the ► ProSeal 25" or 44" - for wide format pouch laminating and poster mounting.

    We have a new laminator that we are really excited about.
    The FujiPla Fully Automatic Laminator.
    Automatically Feeds, and
    Automatically Trims the Sheets on 4 sides.

    Click on this link to see a video about this exciting new laminator, the FujiPla 3220
    Then Call BindingStuff at 800-952-2463.