Coil Binding from Rhin-O-Tuff - #3250CL.
   All Electric Punch and Bind with Quiet, On-Demand Motor.
   So good its got a 3 Year Warranty and it's Made in the USA.

Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL Coil Binding System
Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL Coil Binding System
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Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL Coil Binding System
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Coil Binding made Simple: Easy to use for today’s professional office – the 3250CL Coil Binding Machine turns loose pages into impressive looking documents.

Watch the Rhin-o-Tuff #3250Cl bind a book on this YouTube video.

This Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binder is compatible with nearly all brands of coil bindings. Binds with best results books using up to 15mm (5/8”) coil size, or about 100 sheet documents.

Automatically Punches the Paper
rhin-o-tuff 3250cl coil binding system coil binding paper

Turn loose sheets into impressive looking documents with this professional coil binding system. With just a touch of a button, quickly punch 25 sheets at a time – no more time-consuming and tiring manual punching.

Engineered to be trouble-free, the punching is done vertically instead of horizontally, reducing punching errors. Designed for office use, this coil binding system features on-demand punching – motor doesn’t run continuously and thus is quieter to operate while conserving energy. The system’s self-lubricating coil dies keep you punching at maximum capacity. Overloading the punch isn’t a problem with the automatic jam-stopper which quickly reverses punching jams. Plus the large chip drawer features a window so you know when to empty.

Twirl the first two loops of coil into the sheets and hold the booklet
against the large inserting wheel to finish inserting the coil binding.

coil binding supply sizer coil binding system coil binding supplies

When it’s time to bind, the 3250CL makes that easy as well. The large and powerful coil roller quickly zips the coil into place, ready for you to cut and crimp the coil ends with the crimper tool (included).

coil binding pliers coil binding system #3250cl 3 Year Warranty

Determining what size coil to use is simple with the built-in Document-sizer. Plus, the exclusive Coil-sizer tells which coils are what sizes. For binding thicker books, the built-in Book-former aligns punched sheets for easier coiling.
3250cl coil binding system from PDI Rhin-o-tuff

FEATURES: * Stylish and compact – Ideal for use in professional office or copier room * Energy efficient and quiet – On-demand punching motor only runs when activated

* Productive – Punches 25 sheets at the touch of a button * Trouble-free – Vertical feed throat opening reduces likelihood of punching mistakes * Efficient – Self-lubricating dies maintains punching efficiency * Worry-free – Auto-reverse clears most punching jams * Convenient – large chip drawer with see thru window * Simple – Easy-to-use coiler roller makes inserting binding coil trouble-free * Book-former helps align thicker books for simpler coil insertion *

Plus, exclusive Convenience Tray features the following:

* Document-sizer – indicates by document thickness which size coil to use * Unique coil-sizer – just place coil on correct hub to identify common sizes * Organizing – also provides place to hold coil crimper (included) and spare coils

* Rhin-o-tuff 3 year Warranty on 3250cl Coil Binding SystemClick for details on the 3 year warranty detail. – Limited three year warranty on the entire system, with one year on the punching dies.
Warranty works on an exchange basis. If you have trouble with your CL3250 within the first 3 years after you have purchased it, Performance Design, - Rhin-O-Tuff, will ship you a replacement CL3250 in exchange for your machine.

* Dimensions: 14” wide, 17” deep, 7” high; 46 lb.

* Made in the USA


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