Renz Combi E
the Most Powerful Electric Comb Binding Machine

Punches and binds up to 14" wide.

Renz Electric Combi E Binding Machine
Renz Electric Combi E Binding Machine
Item# RComE

Product Description

Get 1000 FREE Binding COMBS with Purchase of the Renz Electric Combi E - Comb Binding Machine.*

Renz Combi E
Comb Binding System

This is a heavy duty professional binding machine. Made in Germany, by Renz, a company with over 100 years in the binding industry.

It's a very efficient comb binding system with electrical punching and a single binding lever.
The comb bind machine punches 25 - 30 sheets easily by pressing the foot pedal.
The powerful drive system has a very fast cycle speed for high output of finished comb bound books. The binding capacity is up to 300 books per hour. Adjustable margin control and selectable punch pins for easy binding depth and paper notch adjustment.


  • Punching thickness: 28 sheets (20# bond)
  • Selectable punching pins: yes [all]
  • Adjustable margin: yes
  • Binding thickness: up to 2" / 500 sheets (20# bond)
  • Punching capacity: up to 10.000 sheets per hour
  • Binding performance: up to 300 books per hour
  • Work width: up to maximum 13.5"
  • Number of rings: 11" Letter = 19 rings / Legal = 24 rings
  • Motor: 110 V, 60 Hz or 230 V, 50 Hz/ 250 watts.
  • Length 20", width 20", height 10"
  • Weight: 79.4 lbs.

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