ProBind 2000 Thermal Binding System
Bind either HardBack or Soft PaperBack books or documents in about a minute.

ProBind 2000, Thermal Binding Machine
ProBind 2000, Thermal Binding Machine
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ProBind 2000, Thermal Binding Machine Pro-Bind 2000

Bind a book in about a minute. Your choice: Hardback or Paperback

Perfect for: Photobooks Corporate Reports Property Listings Legal Documentation and Filings School Year Books and more.

Here are a few Custom Soft and Hardback Thermal Book Covers. We would love to produce your Custom books as well, give us a call at 800-886-2463 to go over the details of custom softcover or hardcover thermal binding covers.

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How to bind a document using the ProBind book binding machine

ProBind 2000 thermal binding machine

Watch the ProBind 2000 video

To make a HardBack book with the ProBind 2000, watch this video:

The Pro-Bind 2000's functionality is improved and updated to meet consumers growing needs.

The heating plate is wider to provide a larger and more even heating surface.

The circuit board is restructured with newer technology and programming. The biggest result of the updated circuitry is the quicker warm-up time before the initial binding cycle.

An on/off switch and power indicator light is added to the side of the unit for ease and convenience.

The Pro-Bind 2000 can accommodate up to a 1-1/2" capacity spine and is designed for 11" x 8-1/2" sheet size or smaller.

The 2" throat allows for multiple books to be bound at one time.

A cooling stand is included to provide efficient and production-oriented binding.

Using the ProBind 2000 to bind your documents is easy. Put your loose sheets into the covers which have glue embedded in the spine. The ProBind 2000 melts the glue at the perfect temperature to bind the sheets into the cover, creating either a hardback (the hardback crimper is needed to finish hardback books only) or paperback book.

There are two buttons on the Pro-Bind 2000; one button for soft covers and the second button for hard covers. The hardcover cycle will automatically adjust the time to a 60 second cycle allowing for full penetration of the heat to fully liquefy the glue in the hardcover books.

When combined with the Pro-Bind Hard Cover Crimper a perfect hardcover bind is assured every time.

Next change we made in the unit is the position of the electronics and the position of the heater. On the old Covermate 700 the heater board was flat and the circuit board was mounted under the sliding front panel. The new design of the Pro-Bind 2000 has allowed us to mount all electronics to the inside of the front of the binding unit thus keeping it from being constantly jarred and away from the heat source. In addition we have angled toward the back the entire front slide and heating plate 15 degrees. This allows your books to remain in a closed position while heating and you end up with a better bind.

The Pro-Bind 2000 has a 2 inch binding capacity, a 30 second soft cover cycle, and a 60 second hardcover cycle.

the Pro-bind 2000 carries a one year warranty, is all metal construction, and is made in the United States.

Pro-Bind 2000

● All Metal Construction
● No Warm Up Required
● Auto Shut Off
● One Button Operation
● Weighs approx. 10 lbs
● 1/16" to 2" Binding Capacity
● 14.75" Binding Length
● Binds Multiple Documents At One Time
● Circuit Board Mounted on frame away from heating unit
● Cycle Time 30 seconds Soft Cover & 60 seconds for Hard Cover
● 15 Degree Angle on Heating Plate - Allows for less spreading of sheets in binding process
● Factory Set Heat - Fully electronically programmable for changes in paper material or content substraights - 300 to 350 degrees
● One year Warranty


ProBind 2000, Thermal Binding Machine
New Design for Thermal Bind, Binds Hardback and Paper Back books easily.
With the ProBind 2000 You can bind:
Paper Covers,
Flexxi-Grain Covers,
Clear Plastic Front Covers,
Hard Back Covers,
ReBind TextBooks


• Proposals • Spec Books • YearBooks • Manuals • Thesis' • Journals • Listing Agreements • Closing Documents • Team Memory Books • And so much more.....
Regular price: $795.00
Sale price: $749.00
ProBind 2000, Thermal Binding Machine pb2000
ThermalBinding Hardback Cover Crimper
No Questions Here... Needed to form hardback books and ReBind Textbooks.
ThermalBinding Hardback Cover Crimper pbcrimp
Thermal Binding Covers - Colors
Clear front covers with a colored linen back.
Make an attractive book just by inserting your sheets into the folder and then into the binding machine.
The folders already have glue in the center, so all you have to do is push a button.
Size:  Linen Color: 
PhotoBook Covers<br> for the ProBind 1000 or ProBind  2000
Hard Back Covers for the ProBind or Coverbind thermal binding systems. PhotoBooks, Diaries, Art or Poetry Journals, all can be bound into these Hard back covers.
PhotoBook Covers
for the ProBind 1000 or ProBind 2000
Choose Book Size:  Choose color: 
Thermal Bind Covers - Paper
Custom Thermal bound covers: EZ to make and look great. With thermal binding you can get a custom perfectly bound book at a low cost. Call 800-952463 for details.
Clear Thermal Binding Covers
Clear protective sheet covers your front page. Thermal Binding Covers are formed with glue in the spine, ready to be bound.
Clear Thermal Binding Covers bca
Size:  Color: 
Hardback Covers for Thermal Binding <br>8.5 x 11 sheet size<br> call 1-800-886-2463 to order
Make Hard Back books in 2 minutes, Call us for foil stamping.
Hardback Covers for Thermal Binding
8.5 x 11 sheet size
call 1-800-886-2463 to order
Color:  Sheet Size:  Width:  1/8 - 5-25 sheets:  Click here for quantity:  If ordering a window choose size here: 
Flexi-Grain Thermal Covers
Customize your documents with these Thermal Binding covers
Flexi-Grain Thermal Covers fgtc
300 Minimum order box:  Choose Size Here: 
Glue Strips
Cut this Glue strip to the size you need, insert into spine of your cover. Binds your own custom covers and ReBinds Textbooks.
Glue Strips ►glue
If you have questions, or want to order on the phone,
Call us at 1-800-886-2463