New Stuff for your Binding, Laminating and Framing needs.


Last week (April 18 - 20) I was at my annual Binding dealer mini convention - new items were introduced which may be of some interest to you.

A new automatic lamination cutter / trimmer - up to 27" wide - has been introduced to the market.
You can attach this to any existing laminator to speed the cutting and trimming needed in laminating.

Also - Speedy new creasing machines

Get a an automated creaser to prevent toner cracking and make folding paper easier.

Automatic Creasing Machine C300
Creasing and Businees Card Cutting Machines -Cut up to 360 business cards per minute in one pass..

A new 4in1 punch and binding system that punches for coil, comb, and both 3:1 and 2:1 wire - and binds them all as well.

Poster Framing system... quickly and neatly applies a border frame to foam core or other poster or picture materials. Looks good as a finished product.

Protects your poster in so many ways. Corners stay together, - not like this
the print is held firmly in place,

The ProEdge System keeps your poster together

Call us at 800-952=2463 for details on the ProEdge Framing Systems.

The following pictures are NOT FRAMED WITH PROEDGE:


And the biggest hit of the show was a new Auto Punch that assembles/collates as well as punches - made by RhinoTuff.
It has slots for the front and back covers, slots for tab inserts, and of course a large slot for the guts of the book.
It will then collate the front and back covers, index tabs and any other insert into the correct pagination into the document.
and then punch them all, then will cross stack them for easy binding. This will save the 25% of the time used in finishing books.

Pictures and video will be out in a few weeks, it is showing at Drupa in May and then we will have the sales collateral. Due out in December.

And our new FujiPla auto laminator, it will automatically laminate up to 13" x 19" - just drop your sheets into the feeder and let the laminator do the rest. It will feed your sheets, laminate them and trim them wither flush or with a border. What it really does is save you a lot of time. No more hand feeding or trimming.

Here is a link with a video of the FujiPla Autolaminator

AutoLaminator - FujiPla ALM3230 The FujiPla 3230 will save your time while laminating. It does all the work of laminating by itself. Call BindingStuff at 800-952-2463.

we have it in Concord, if you want to see it in action.

Lastly a 98" AutoTrimmer was shown by Royal Sovereign. This quickly and accurately trims wide format material from a few inches to over 8' width. Watch the video.

Royal Sovereign Electric Trimmers RET Series from BindingStuff on Vimeo.

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