Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator - 12" Wide
Variable Speeds up to 54" per minute - That is FAST

Lamitek Pouch Laminator SL14
Lamitek Pouch Laminator SL14
Item# lamsl14

Product Description

Discontinued - Look at the Akiles laminator here

You really aren't going to be able to find much better of a laminator than this pouch laminator from Lamitek:

First: It's very sturdy - it weighs 37 lbs.

Second: Pouch laminators don't get any faster than this one - up to 54"/ minute.

Third: Will take up to 10 mil thick (heaviest made film) laminating pouches

Fourth: This laminator is made for photos - it will not leave bubbles or streaks.

Fifth: The throat is 12" wide, so it will laminate anything:
• Business cards • Letter sized sheets (8.5" x 11") • Legal size (8.5" x 11") • Menu size (11" x 17").

Here is the brochure info from Lamitek:

SL-14 Commercial Pouch Laminator
12" Wide


Designed to meet the need of lamination service providers such as printing shops, copy centers, and photo labs. You can laminate any film laminate including photos without bubbles or haze at remarkable speed.

You can enjoy bubble-free, perfect lamination as well as transferring, mounting, or foiling.

Twenty-One Reasons to Choose SL-14:

1. 6 Rollers: Four heated rollers and two pull rollers * 30 mm diameter rollers, the maximum among current laminators on the market.
* 4 heated rollers ensure bubble-free lamination, while 2 pull rollers keep the lamination flat and straight.

2. End-to-end uniform heat distribution * Uniform heating along the full 14-inch roller

3. Adjustable speed with DC motor * Variable speed from 12 inch/min up to 54 inch/min, the maximum speed for 30 mm diameter laminators.

4. Sturdiness of motor * This motor is sturdy enough to endure continuous operation for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it ideal for commercial use.

5. Spring loaded roller * Designed to load the rollers, and accommodate 2 mm (80 mil) laminates/pouches * Proven to laminate up to 60 mil without any problem.

6. Elimination of heat plate/heat shoe * Eliminates common problems such as scratches and jams.

7. Cooling fan * Two cooling fans produce crisp and clear lamination

8. * The sturdy, all-steel structure is strong enough for commercial use and ensures easy maintenance

9. Temperature-limiting thermostat * Prevents overheating, ensures safety

10. Cold lamination * Optional COLD lamination setting

11. Reverse operation * Allows easy clearing of jams (however rare on this machine)

12. Easy to clean * Elimination of the heat plate allows for easy, direct cleaning of upper rollers by simply opening the top cover of machine.

13. Quiet operation without chain * The quietest machine among competitors * The sound was measured at 49 dB, ideal for small office

14. No Chain * Allows quieter machine operation and easy maintenance

15. Auto Shut-off * Pushing the STOP button once keeps the machine running until the temperature of the roller drops below 80 C, preserving the longevity of the machine. Pushing the STOP button twice shuts the machine off immediately.

16. Monitoring the roller temperature * MEASURE button displays the actual temperature, allowing for fine-tuned operations of sensitive lamination jobs.

17. One touch operation

18. Stand-by Mode * The STAND-BY mode saves energy while the machine is idle, but also reduces reheating time for the next job.

19. Cº/Fº Transfer * Temperature can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
* Preserves most recent temperature setting until next adjustment

20. Computerized control system with digital keyboard * LCD display provides convenient, electronic operation.

21. Safety certified (CSA) * SL-14 is certified by CSA for consumer safety according to the strict requirement for USA and Canada consumer and operators’ safety.

* Dimension: 23-1/8" x 12" x 5-3/4"
* Weight: 37 lb

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