TL 13" Pouch Laminator

TL 13" Pouch Laminator
Laminate your Photos, Menus, Drawings, Papers, Signs and ID cards with this 4 roller, Heavy Duty Laminator.

Great price for a great laminator. pouch
  • It's 13 inches wide - it can laminate from the small ID cards, Letter Pouches and Legal Pouches up to the largest laminating pouches - Menu size of 11" x 17".
  • Also can laminate from 3 mil to 10 mil thick, all at a good speed and with excellent quality.
  • No Carrier is required.
  • The TL-13 Laminator has a reverse feature
  • Maximum laminating speed of 25.6" per minute.
  • Warm up time of 3 - 4 minutes.
  • The TL-13" weighs 17 lbs
  • uses standard 120v electricity.
  • One Year Limited Warranty.

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