CBX 100 Punches up to 80 sheets at a time
You Choose the die hole pattern.

Fastest Punch Made!

CBX Paper Punch
CBX Paper Punch
Item# cbx-100
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Product Description

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The CBX-100 is the worlds first desktop heavy duty punching machine to be able to punch up to 80 sheets at a time.
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Its production can reach up to +/- 30,000 sheets (round hole) per hour.

The CBX-100 comes with your choice of a wide range punching dies.
paper punch dies
These dies are interchangeable so that all kinds of hole patterns are available to punch.
paper punch die pattern
Replacement of the punching dies is very quick and simple to do.

The CBX-100 is constructed of heavy cast iron.

- Punching capacity :
80 sheets (20lb) a time - Round hole
80 sheets a time - Square hole

- Productivity : 30,000 sheets/hour +/-

- Quick Tool change system - Perfect Safety system applied (Micro switch installed)
- Heavy steel construction secures the stability and reliability

- Punching length : Max. (14")
- Paper length : Max.(14")
- Back Margin : Adjustable
- Stroke Duration : 3sec/cycle
- Table size : 17 3/4" (W) x 13 1/8" (D)
- Electricity : 110/220/230 VAC x 1 Phase, 750 Watts
- Dimension : 20" w x 20 1/4" d x 21 1/2" h
- Weight : 265 lbs
We will have to truck this punch to your door - no UPS available

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