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Padding Presses and Padding Glues
Padding Presses and Padding Glues
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This versatile unit maximizes shop space and pad production. The Pad About pads up to 10,000 11" wide sheets. Convenient rotating table eliminates the need to lift paper stacks. Stand allows for moving padding unit to where job is or moving out of the way when not in use. Constructed of 3/4" select white maple with welded steek frame and quality casters. Overall dimensions: 60"H x 28"W x 24"D. Shipping weight 115lb.

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Producto Pad Padding Press
The table top version of the Pad-About. Maximizes production space by sitting on counter. Can pad up to 10,000 sheets of 11 wide paper. constructed of 3/4" select white maple wood. Overall dimensions:30"H x 28"W x 18"D. Shipping weight 54 lb
Producto Pad Padding Press producto
Ultra Pad Padding Press
Heavy duty padding press with durable quick release cast iron clamps. Three-hundred-sixty degree rotation allow for high production while using a minimum of counter space. The Ultra Pad holds 10,000 8 1/2" x 11" sheets. Constructed of white maple for extra strength. Overall dimensions: 30"H x 22"W x 15"D. Shipping weight is
Ultra Pad Padding Press ulpad
A pure synthetic resin for padding all grades and weights of paper with or without backing. Non-hazardous.
Pad Adhesive - Quart padaq
Universal carbonless pad adhesive for NCR, 3M and Mead forms. Separates easily. Sold in gallons.
Magic Glue Carbonless Pad Adhesive mgg
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