Inspiral II
Comb Punching with Coil Binding. Has the best qualities of both styles of binding.

Inspiral II
Inspiral II
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Product Description

Inspiral IISpiral Coil Binding using the Comb Bind Punch Pattern!

spiral comb binding
Introducing the
This is a revolutionary product that allows anyone who has a plastic comb binding punch to coil bind, WITHOUT PURCHASING ANY NEW EQUIPMENT!

It's easy to use, looks great, and has a unique look.

The Inspiral II (made in the USA) is made of heavy duty plastic, much stronger than standard comb binding and will easily support and bind books up to 1 1/2" thick.

To insert the InSpiral II into the punched sheets is easier than binding coil; the holes are larger, there are only 19 holes instead of 44 and the InSpiral II coil does not bend as easily as spiral coil. If you have a coil binding inserter, you can use it, or it's easy just to twirl it with your hands. A pair of needle nose pliers is all that's needed to crimp the InSpiral II.

A book bound with the InSpiral II lays perfectly flat, will flip 360 degrees and can be edited and updated. The InSpiral II will be noticeably offset by approximately 9/16" when open and laying down on a desk or table.

Sold in 100 packs, discounts when ordering 1000 per size at a time. Available in Black.