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MetalBind Channel and Covers: Pouch Laminate Covers

Need a Custom Book? Custom Yearbooks made with masterbind

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With our MetalBind Binding system, you can create custom books quickly.

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metalbind is perfect for Business, Education, Special, etc

Here is how you can quickly make 1 or hundreds of customized books in just about a minute each.

Choose either Portrait (bound on the 11" side) or Landscape (bound on the 8.5" side) for your book.
Choose the color of the cover and spine.

Print the picture that you want on the front cover. Position it under the laminate sheet on the front cover. Laminate the front cover.

Insert the sheets into the correct size metal binding channel.

Bind the book with your Atlas 150 or Atlas 300 binding machine. See movie below on how to bind using the MetalBind binding machines.

These books are secure, yet can be de-bound and re-bound if a mistake is found or an update is needed.

Front Pouch Hard Covers for Atlas Binding
Front Hard Covers with Laminate Overlay to Customize your books Instantly.
Pouch Front Covers - 20 pieces/box - Choose: 
Back Pouch Hard Covers for Atlas binding
Glossy Back Hard Cover
(no laminate overlay) that complements the front Pouch Cover.
Art Glossy Hard Back Covers - 20 pieces/box - Choose: 
Binding Spines for the Atlas Pouch Covers
Channel Spines for Pouch Hard Covers. Painted white or black, different lengths and widths available.
25 pieces per box.
Choose Channel Size/Capacity:  Choose Length:  Choose Color: 
Pro-Lam Photo Laminator
Akiles photo laminator
6 Rollers to give Picture Perfect Lamination
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Sale price: $679.00
Watch the video of the Pouch Cover