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Hard Back Books
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Product Description

Hard Back Books Now You Can Make Hardback Books using only a stapler
and our Hardback Covers.

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Bind a Hardback Book Using Just a Stapler

Yearbooks, Marketing Materials, Family Histories, Real Estate Proposals, Life Stories or any other document that you would like to to bind in a hard case cover, can now be case bound in a custom digitally printed hard back cover, with a minimum of only 25 pieces.

Hard Back Covers can come to you either plain (shipped out within a week) or digitally printed with your artwork (2 weeks approximately to ship).

To bind your document into the covers is simple and only takes about a minute a book.

Here's how to bind them:
► The covers will come to you with a plastic grip slide already embedded into the spine of the hard cover. The package of covers will also include "end sheets". These end sheets are sticky on one side and white on the other. ► Staple the end sheets in front and in back and your document together, creating a book block. ► Pick up the stapled book block and insert it into the grip slide. Once this is done, the end sheets will then be ready for releasing the sticky back to the hard cover. ► Press it all together: on the spine and on both end covers, and the book is securely bound.

hardback book binding

   Book Covers are sold in multiples of 25.

   Cost of the full color digitally printed hardcovers are:
    25 books are $20.00 each
    50 books are $18.00 each
    100 books are $14.50 each
    500 books are $13.50 each

   Hard Back Covers are digitally printed,
   then laminated and made for 8.5" x 11" sheets.

    For details: Call 800-952-2463.

If you have questions, or want to order on the phone,
Call us at 1-800-886-2463