Pouch Laminators

Laminator - ProLam Plus 330
$100 Price Drop Heavy Duty 13" Laminator
Perfect for photos and ink jet printouts!
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Sale price: $259.00
Laminator - ProLam Plus 330 prolam330
Swedex PouchJet Pro II Laminator<br>
This is the only pouch laminator that is

Swedex Lamination Machine Video from BindingStuff on Vimeo.

Swedex's PouchJet Pro II Pouch Laminator is Fast!
Swedex's PouchJet Pro II Pouch Laminator is Accurate.
Swedex's PouchJet Pro II Pouch Laminator is EASY!

Easy to use and error free, the Pouchjet pro II Pouch Laminator laminates lightning fast with record speed. It is ready to start in approx. 55 seconds and then laminates 10 documents in less than 1 minute. (Example: Letter size smartpouch, turbo)

The Pouchjet pro II pouch laminator is equipped with an extremely high-performance and reliable 8-roller system, 4 transport rollers and 4 quartz heated rollers guarantee lightning fast laminating with outstanding quality.
Swedex PouchJet Pro II Laminator
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Akiles-ProLam-Ultra-X Series Laminators<br>

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X Series Laminators

Want a FAST Laminator?
get the ProLam Ultra X10

12 letter laminates/minute

Want a WIDE Laminator?
get the ProLam Ultra XL
It's 18.9" wide

Want a STURDY Laminator?
get the ProLam Ultra X6
13" wide throat - 10 rollers

Akiles-ProLam-Ultra-X Series Laminators
APL-Ultra X
Buy a ProLam Ultra-X Laminator Here: 
Pouch Laminating Supplies

We will now be shipping Recyclable Laminating Pouches when possible
Pouch Laminating Supplies lp
Laminating Pouches: 
The SpeedyLam 330R10 is one of the fastest pouch laminator available.
It will laminate up to 12' per minute.
That allows you to run a letter sized pouch every 5 seconds.
Regular price: $1,849.00
Sale price: $1,399.00
Speedy-Lam splam
Pouch Laminator #TCC330

• All-metal 13 Heavy-Duty pouch laminator.
• Four silicon rollers.
• Laminates from 3mil 10mil thickness.
• Speed - Up to 26" per minute.

• 1 Year warranty.
Regular price: $299.00
Sale price: $249.00
Pouch Laminator #TCC330 tcc330
 <u>12" Laminator from Akiles - the ProLaminator </u>
12" Pouch Laminator with Metal Body & Steel Gears Laminates to 10 mil. thick and 11" x 17" Pouches
12" Laminator from Akiles - the ProLaminator 320prolam
Pro-Lam Photo Laminator
Akiles photo laminator
6 Rollers to give Picture Perfect Lamination
Regular price: $749.00
Sale price: $679.00
UltraLam 250B
9.75" Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator - One Year Warranty!
UltraLam 250B ulam250b
Pro Lam  6"  Pouch Laminator
Regular price: $269.00
Sale price: $249.00
Pro Lam 6" Pouch Laminator 6"polam
Laminating Work Station
Laminating Work Station lamstat
Metal Clips
Regular price: $22.99
Sale price: $17.99
Metal Clips mclip
Plastic Loops
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $9.50
Plastic Loops ploops
 <u>ID Belts </u>
Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $24.95
ID Belts idbelt

Pouch Laminators @ BindingStuff

Laminate your photos, cards or posters with our easy to use pouch laminators. Just put your paper into the pouch - (the pouch laminate supply is open on three sides), then into a protective laminator carrier card (these are included in the pouch supply), and then feed it into the laminator. The laminator then pulls in the pouch, heat seals it, and it exits out the back of the laminator. Let it cool for about a minute. Take it out of the laminator carrier and it's finished.

Here is a link to our Laminating Pouch supplieslaminating supplies

A Laminator will encapsulate and protect your Documents, Posters, Menus and other important papers. There are two basic types of laminating machines: a pouch laminator or a roll laminator.

Pouch laminating is a simple process. Let the laminator heat up (takes about 5 minutes), place your paper into the pre-made lamination pouch, then into a laminator carrier, and then into the laminator itself. The finished laminated pouch will then come out in a few seconds.

Our pouch laminators start at 4" wide, they're made to laminate ID's, business cards and other small documents. A 9" Pouch laminator will laminate standard 8.5" x 11" sheet sizes and legal sizes up to 8.5" x 14" as well as anything smaller. A larger 12" Pouch Laminator will laminate sheets of paper up to 11" x 17".

A Roll Laminator is just a little more complex than a pouch laminator. Roll Laminators require 2 rolls of laminating film, one on top of a feeding tray and one below the tray. Put your paper on the laminator feeding tray and the rolls of laminator film will pull in your paper and laminate it.

We carry numerous quality school laminating machines ► the Educator by Ledco Laminating which was manufactured with teachers input, ► Ultima 65 Laminator - a huge selling school laminator.


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