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Plastics and Paper Products has been selling binding products in Northern California since 1976.

Fred Wiessler, an ex - General Binding sales representative (for over 20 years) started the company out of his garage. Fred was a good salesman, and his customers liked him. He honored the idea of service along with sales and that brought growth to his little company. He started selling the Ibico binding products in the Bay Area, had a comb binding rolling table which produced most of the comb bindings used in the San Francisco and Northern California area. His key customers included the Bank of America, University of California, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Kaiser Aluminum and many of the local copy shop and printers.
Fred moved the business away from his garage in 1977 to occupy a building with a printing equipment dealership. This was a good partnership as the combination of the two businesses brought together strengths and gave each business more products to sell. The storefront was in San Francisco, right around the corner from what today is the San Francisco Giants ballpark.

In the 1980s, Fred's sons, Steve and myself - Ken, joined with Fred as sales representatives. As the Giants ballpark was being built, the company moved offices to South San Francisco and stayed there for approximately 15 years. In 2002, Fred retired, selling the business to Steve and Ken. He kept his interest in the business and we often relayed Hi's from his customers who always wanted to know how Fred was doing.

As time went on the internet came of age. In 2003, Plastics and Paper Products opened the on-line store under the name www.BindingStuff.net.

The goal and driving force of Plastics and Paper Products / www.BindingStuff.net is stated on the front of this website,

"We want you to be happy with your paper binding machine purchase."

We will work to make your purchase of binding machines and supplies as easy as possible, and also to make sure you get the best products for your needs.

At www.BindingStuff.net, we know and play with the binding machines that we recommend. Products are not sold just because they make us the best profits, but rather because they make the best purchase for you, our customer. We want to have you buying from us for years to come, we can not mishandle you and your purchase today for a short term gain. We have been in business a long time and we want to stay in business for even longer.

BindingStuff carries quality lines that we know will give you your money's worth.

BindingStuff inventory consists of thousands of items; we are not just a "Virtual Store". We have product on our floor and we work with our trusted vendors to get you the products you ordered ASAP.

Got a question? Call us at 1 - 800 - 952 - 2463

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Thanks for looking at our About US page.

I hope you know us a little and can trust us with your order.

Ken Wiessler
Plastics and Paper Products
5063 Commercial Circle suite F
Concord, CA 94520

D Steve Ken

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The manufacturers and products we are authorized to represent are:

Akiles binding productsAkiles: - Comb Binding - Coil Binding - Wire Binding Paper Trimmers - Laminators
We started purchasing from Akiles probably in their first week of business. We knew the founder - Walter - of Akiles from his days when he was working as a sales representative with another vendor. We knew that any company Walter started would be a good one. Importing the quality lines of binding and laminating equipment has given Akiles a major share of the small and middle market of the binding industry. The niche that Akiles serves is the office and copy shop trade with their CoilMac, WireMac, CombMac and pouch laminating machines, and of course the binding supplies to go with the binding machines.

Renz BookBinding MachinesRenz: Wire Binding - Coil Binding - Comb Binding
Renz is the oldest binding machine manufacturer in the world.It is over 100 years old and based out of Germany. We kind of think it's like the BMW of the binding machine world. Quality, fast, precision made binding machines that are built to last. Renz has binding machines for the office as well as for a professional bindery. Renz has two offices in the US, one in Massachusetts and the other in California. We have sold many of the Renz SRW 360 Wire Binding Machines, as it is one of the few "all in one - electric wire binding machines".

ProBind thermal book binding systems: - ProBind Thermal Binding Machines and Supplies
Probind makes the Thermal Binding machines, and custom thermal bind supplies. Based in Olathe, Kansas, ProBind prints, cuts, folds and glues the blank thermal covers so that you can bind a custom document in your office in seconds. The ProBind 2000 thermal binding machine and Hard Cover binding system allow you to make hardback books in about a minute. We sell to one real estate company that has purchased over 15,000 of these hardback covers, making their listing presentations, and therefore their sales call memorable. Make a lasting impression when you bind a presentation, report, catalog, or thesis, use Probind.

Rhin-o-tuff punching machinesPDI Rhin-O-Tuff:
Paper Punches and Binding Inserters
Performance Design Incorporated, "Rhin-O-Tuff, started manufacturing heavy duty binding machine punches nearly 20 years ago. In short time, they became the punch of choice for the copy shop trade. Kinko's chose to purchase thousands of the HD7000 punch - (the heavy duty paper punch that has interchangeable dies) knowing that the Rhin-O-Tuff is made in the USA, is heavy duty, and will last a long time. The Rhin-O-Tuff Office Coil Punch and bind machine, the 3250CL is our best selling coil binding machine. It has all the bells and whistles that you need for coil binding, and it has a 3 year warranty, and it is priced competitively. Hard to beat a Rhin-O-Tuff.

Graphic Laminating Ledco LaminatorsGraphic Laminating - Ledco: Laminators If you want the best service on a laminator, Ledco is the laminating machine to buy. Why you may ask? Ledco / General Graphic laminators are built in the USA, in Solon, Ohio. Ledco offers great customer service - if you have a problem and we can not answer it quickly, Ledco will help out. Ledco makes the quality laminating machines - you will see some of their 15 year old laminators still working at your local school, print shop or in an office close by. Specialty laminating films and wide format laminating machines are Ledco's specialty.

Tamerica Binding productsTamerica: Comb Binding - Laminators
We purchase a lot of supplies for resale from Tamerica. Comb binding, Coil Binding, Clear covers and other binding machines supplies are imported by Tamerica. Tamerica lately has become a source for roll laminators, as they are private labeling a 27" roll laminator for our trade association "BindRite".

xyron laminating systemsXyron: Cold Laminating - Adhesives
From hobbyists to professional studios, Xyron makes a different type of laminator. Xyron specializes in adhesive lamination; that is, how to adhere - either temporarily or permanently - a piece of paper to a mounting board, wall, window or a box on one side and then laminate the outer side. Xyron has low cost laminators for low volume adhesion / lamination needs and also has a 44" electric powered roll laminator for studio, sign shop, or schools. Graphic artists and advertising agencies use Xyron products to make "One up samples" for proofing needs. Stores and Restaurants use Xyron temporary adhesion film for placing posters onto windows or on display, schools use Xyron for signage.

Dahle folding machines and paper shreddersDahle: Paper Shredders - Paper Folders

mbm paper cutters and foldersMBM: Paper Cutters - Paper Shredders - Paper Folders

standard duplicating AccubindStandard Duplicating: Tape Binding - Accubind

cover sheets from fibermarkFiberMark: Composition Covers

laminating film from BryceBryce: Roll Laminating Supplies

clear covers from TransilwrapTransilwrap: Clear Covers

banner laminatorsBanner American: Roll Laminators

Fellowes office productsFellowes Comb Binding - Thermal Binding

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