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Paper Drills can put from one or more holes into reams of paper.

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Dual Hole Punch
This handy little manual tabletop paper punch easily drills through 300 sheets of paper (about 1 1/2" thick). Drill heads are centered 3" apart. Perfect for top binding of legal briefs or anywhere prong binding would work.
Dual Hole Punch duo
FP60 Tabletop Drill
This paper hole punch allows drills to punch up to 300 sheets at one time. Moveable stops allow for set up of two, three or four hole punching. Punch bits are available in sizes 3/16, 1/4, and 5/16. Handles up to 14" wide paper.
FP60 Tabletop Drill fp
3 Hole Punch
3-Hole Punch up 300 Sheets at a time.
Regular price: $699.00
Sale price: $495.00
3 Hole Punch sfp2
FP60L Drill
The FP Model 60L Paper Drill cam drill up to 2 1/2" or over a ream of paper at one time. New chuckless system with the drill bit connected directly to the motor shaft, eliminates vibration of drill bits for smoother operation. Shipped with one 5/16" drill bit (style A) and can use drill bits up to 1/2". Has a preprogrammed bar so that drill stops are already set for standard drilling patterns. Operation is simple. Just press the table release to move the paper to the next stop. 110 volts, 1/3 HP. Drill capacity is 21/2". Drill diameter from 1/8" - 1/2".
FP60L Drill fp60L
MBM 55 - Paper Drill
The User Friendly MBM 55 Paper Drill offers self centering side guides, a paper clamp and 5 preset drilling patterns.
►MBM 55 Paper Drill Features Include
►Easy-Glide table move on bearings
►5 Preset paper drilling patterns available at the turn of a knob
►Easy release paper clamp for securing paper
►Self centering side guides which allow for quick drilling changes
►2" Paper Drilling Capacity
MBM 55 - Paper Drill mbm55drill
Paper Drill - MBM #25
Lassco Wizer Single Spindle Paper Drill
Single spindle Paper Drill
  • New EZ-Glide Table
  • Single spindle drill
  • 2" drilling capacity
  • Hands-free, low maintenance and efficient operation
  • Provides maximum production at an affordable price
  • Lowest cost floor model drill on the market
    Lassco Wizer Single Spindle Paper Drill FM-2
    TableTop 3 Spindle Drill
    3 Hole Drill a ream in seconds.
      TableTop 3 Spindle Paper Drill

    • The FP –IVT is the table top 3 spindle drill with a drilling capacity of up to 2 1/2”.
    • The center head is fixed and the outer two heads are adjustable from 2 1/4” to 4 3/4”.
    TableTop 3 Spindle Drill ggfpivt
    Lassco Wizer FMM-2 Paper Drill
    2 spindle Paper Drill. Perfect for hospitals and legal offices where 2 holes are needed for filing.
    • Two hole drilling
    • Ideal for hospitals, law and accounting offices
    • Moveable heads and traversing table
    • Manual foot pedal operation for reduced cost
      Lassco Wizer FMM-2 Paper Drill FMM-2
      Lassco Wizer FMM-3 Paper Drill
      3-Hole Drill up to 2" of paper in seconds.

      • Lowest priced 3 spindle drill on the market
      • 2“ drilling capacity - approximately a ream of paper.
      • Easy moveable head design
      • Rugged mechanical lift table which smoothly traverses in either direction
      • Built for ease in operation and maximum production performance
      Lassco Wizer FMM-3 Paper Drill fmm-3
      Automatic Three Spindle Paper Drill
      Quickly Drill through 1000 sheets - 3 Spindle and it has Moveable Heads

      FP-IV Automatic 3 Spindle Electric Paper Drill
      The FP-IV–Auto Paper Drill is a high capacity 3-hole drill with a paper drilling capacity of up to 1,000 sheets of 20 lb bond or 4 inches. The center head is fixed and the outer two heads are adjustable from 2 1/4” to 4 3/4”. The table has self centering guides for placement of paper. Paper size ranges from 3 1/2” to 17” wide. Back margin is adjustable up to a 3 1/2” depth. Table size is 18 1/4” x 14 3/8”. Paper drills are available from 3/16” to 3/8” in diameter
      C-Thru Drill Sharpener
      A simple two piece tool that sharpens style A hollow drill bits. Drill bit is placed in chuck and sharpened to correct level with just a couple of twists. Black anodized aluminum construction to ensure many years of service.
      C-Thru Drill Sharpener dshar
      Drill Bits
      Drill Bits dbit
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