Hardback Cover with Foil Stamp and Window

Hardback Cover Hardback Thermal cover has a 6 x 4 window to show off pictures or titles.

Hard back thermal binding cover.

There is a one color foil stamp hit. Foil comes in many colors, the most popular are Gold and Silver. White, Black Red, Blue and other colors are also available.

Art is needed for the stamping impression (black art on white background). It can be basic lettering in your choice of fonts and sizes, or your logo. We have a photo etched die made from the artwork, and this is applied to the foil to make the impression.

Cost for the binding cover in quantities of 300 is about $6.35 each.

These thermal glue bound yearbooks are easy to produce with the Covermate 700 thermal binding machine and Hardcover Crimper. Just take your sheets that you want to bind, insert them into the preglued cover. Put the folder into the binding machine - Covermate 700 - and it will heat up and melt the glue, adhering the sheets to the cover spine. Take the book out of the binding machine, place into the Hardcover Crimper and let it cool. After a minute or two, the book is bound and ready to read.
The results are impressive.

The Covermate 700 will also perfect bind paperback style books, which can also be customized with a school or company logo.

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