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Glue Strips
Glue Strips
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Now with the glue strips, a thermal binding machine and a scoring machine, you can make your own perfect bound books. It's easy to do. Here is how:

Let's say you want to bind 1/2" of paper - sheet size of 8.5" x 11".

1. Get cover sheets. For the 1/2" book, size of 8.5" x 11" you would need a sheet size of 11" x 17.5" or larger.

2. Score - make one fold mark 8.5" in, and the second score 1/2" deeper - you have just made the spine cavity.

3. Get the glue strip, cut it with an Exacto style knife down to 1/2" thick, and place it in the spine cavity.

4. Jog and evenly place your loose sheets onto the glue strip - between the two outside covers.

5. Place into the binding machine and turn on. In less than a minute your book will be bound. Let it cool and it is done.

100 per box


Make Your Own Covers

Make your own Thermal Glue covers with this scoring machine. Glue Strips here too.
Make Your Own Covers ►425atrim
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