FujiPla #3220 Laminator
Auto Feeds
Auto Trims

Up to 5X as fast as any other laminator made!

FujiPla #3220 LaminatorWatch this video on the FujiPla Automatic laminator.

It will show how it automatically feeds, and trims your sheets to be laminated. Compared to most other laminators, the FujiPla will be 5 times as fast.

Don't waste time feeding sheets into the laminator, the FujiPla does it automatically, like a copier.

Don't waste time trimming the sheets down, the FujiPla does it automatically.

Call us at 800-952-2463 for details.

The FujiPla #3220 laminator is sold in Northern California by BindingStuff / Plastics and Paper Products and in the rest of the USA and Canada by our Bindrite associates.

If you have questions, or want to order on the phone,
Call us at 1-800-886-2463