New Electric Wire Closing System

JB USA EC-14 Electric Wire Closer
JB USA EC-14 Electric Wire Closer
Item# jbec14
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Product Description

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New from James Burn, this Wire Closer, #EC-14, is a speedy alternative to manual wire bind crimping. Just set the wire size guides and center your book with the wire binds under the closing bar. Press the buttons and let the machine do the rest. In a few seconds your book will be perfectly wire bound.

The EC-14 saves your time and makes binding wire a lot easier.
This new electric wire binding closing machine from James Burns, crimps and easily closes the wire bindings.

It will bind all the sizes of wire binding, from the 3/16" to the 1-1/4", the 3:1 pitch and the 2:1 pitch too.

It's quiet, easily at home in an office, school, copy center, or marketing department.

It's easy to change sizes of wire binds: just turn the adjustment guides on the top of the machine to the wire bind size you need.

It's safe: the operator must keep both hands on buttons of the wire binding machine, away from any moving parts.

Closes 3/16" to 1-1/4" wire

Handles up to a 14" binding edge

Easy operation - Electric wire closing

Engineered for operator safety - operator must use two hands to activate the electric closer.

Easily adjustable for perfectly closed wire.

All metal construction make it durable

Machine Dimensions: 17- 3/8" x 14-1/4" x 7-5/8"

Machine Weight: 47 lbs


Wire Binding Supplies

Wire Binding Supplies:
3:1 or or 2:1 pitch. Binds up to 1 1/4". Our wire binding supplies work in round, square or rectangular holes, using any wire binding machine.
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