E Titan Wire by DFG US.
Heavy Duty Electric Wire Binding Machine.

E Titan Wire
E Titan Wire
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Product Description

E Titan Wire

Heavy Duty 3:1 Wire Electric Punching and Binding Machine

This is one heavy duty and solid punching and binding system.

• It will punch up to 28 sheets of 20# paper at a time.

• It has a full set of die disengagement pins - no half moons on the margins of your sheets.

• Has a built in wire size selector - binds your documents accurately.

Adjustable margin depth to maximize your documents tear resistance

• Has an open throat - you can punch any size book.

• Has a left and right side closing adjustment - You are assured of a good even binding wire close.

• The Titan Electric wire binding Machine has a One Year Warranty

Heavy Duty 3:1 Wire Electric Punching and Binding Machine Made of sturdy die-casted metal rather than flexible sheet metal, the ETitanWire is the most heavy duty, reliable, user-friendly, and functional machine in its class. DFG chose to use die-casted metal for the base and sides of the housing unit rather than using sheet metal for the punching surface to ensure your machine is solid in all the important places..

The ETitanWire uses an encased lubrication system that drastically reduces friction and punch pin wear, which equates to longer machine life for the end user. High-speed, commercial punches that cost over $30,000 lubricate their punch pins. DFG utilizes this technology in our commitment to taking the extra step to deliver the best machine possible to the marketplace.

Utilizing full disengagement-pin our punched paper is free from partial punches, on any size project. Our disengagement-pin design uses independent coil spring mechanisms on each pull pin that allows the pins to disengage with a crisp snapping action. Our punch pins are heat treated and precisely ground to ensure consistent, clean, punching. The ETitanWire punches square holes in 3:1 pitch. For 2:1 pitch, see the ETitanWire L.

Punch any length paper with our open throat and alignment pin. Our design makes it possible to punch paper of any length with no restrictions. Whatever your paper size, you can punch it on the ETitanWire. After the first punch, put one hole through the alignment pin to keep your subsequent punches aligned correctly. After the first punch, put one hole through the alignment pin to keep your subsequent punches aligned correctly.

DFG’s ETitanWire has the best wire closer design on the market. It features two tapered steel closing blocks with CloseAssist™ finish, made in a precision-controlled environment. This design assures long-lasting wire closing quality, especially when compared to competing machines that use sandpaper or fabric covered sheet metal closer. Two adjustment knobs are standard, to assure even and accurate closing. This is VITAL to have consistent closure of elements, no matter whose wire you use.

With our specially designed Hi-Torq™ punch motor, torture tested for 3,000,000 cycles, the ETitanWire takes coil binding to the next level of convenience and ease. The ETitanWire can punch 28 sheets of 20 lb paper with the gentle push on a foot pedal, eliminating the manual punching strain on staff members.

The ETitanWire is ETL certified, which means it has been thoroughly tested by an independent third party to ensure the highest safety standards are met. Want to learn more about safety certification? Visit our ETL vs. CE comparison page.

DFG enforces and abides by high quality and environmental standards, which is why we are ISO9002 and APQP certified.

ETitanWire Benefits:

* Heavy Duty Electric Punch: 28 sheets of paper (20 lbs)

* Full Disengagement Pins: Ensures a completely clean professional punch without partial punches on any length of paper

* Anti Jam Function: Automatically prevent jams before they happen

* Side Margin Control: Center punched holes quickly and easily

* Wire Size Selector: Built-in spring loaded indicator shows suggested wire size

* Adjustable Punch Margin: Assists in controlling the punch margin depth in order to maximize a book’s tear resistance

* Open Throat Design with EasyPunch™: Easily punch any size book

* ETL Certified: Entire machine was tested by an impartial third party to meet American safety standards as opposed to European CE certification. More about ETL vs CE

* Extra-Large Waste Drawer

* Non-Skid Feet: Firmly holds machine to work surface

* Lightweight Design: Extensively utilized CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), greatly reduced machine weight

* ISO9002 and APQP Certified: DFG enforces and abides by high quality and environmental standards.

Wire Binding Supplies

Wire Binding Supplies:
3:1 or or 2:1 pitch. Binds up to 1 1/4". Our wire binding supplies work in round, square or rectangular holes, using any wire binding machine.
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