Heavy Duty Electric Coil Binding Machine With a moderate price

E-Titan Eagle Coil Binding Machine <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b>
E-Titan Eagle Coil Binding Machine
FREE Shipping within continental USA
Item# Eagle
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Product Description

E-Titan Eagle Coil Binding Machine <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b>
Get the Best Value when buying a Coil Binding Machine.

This heavy duty coil binding punch and bind will quickly let you coil bind your book.

the E-Titan Coil Eagle is User Friendly!

Not many coil binding machines can say that.
With all the powerful features the Coil Eagle has,
it should be on the top of your list of the mid level coil binding systems

The E-Titan Coil Eagle is made for moderate to heavy useage;
such as inplant corporate binding, copy centers and central reproduction areas.

Made with features found in more expensive coil binding systems, such as:

  • Body is made of die cast hardened steel - not plastic.
  • Electrically Punch up to 26 sheets of 20# paper.
  • Foot pedal operated punch and inserter - leaves hands free to hold sheets.
  • Punches Oval Holes - Inserting sheets is easier than with round holes.
  • Coil Book forming unit - J shaped - on top of the binding machine aids in inserting coil.
  • Open throat lets you punch virtually any sized sheet.
  • Die pins are all disengageable - this lets you punch all different sizes of paper without leaving "half moons".
  • Servo-Groove roller speeds coil binding - grips the coil better flat rubber inserting rollers.
  • Side Margin Control aids you in centering your punching.
  • Depth Adjustment allows you to punch sheets deeper when needed.
  • 1 year warranty included.
  • Weighs 57 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 21" x 19" x 14".

Plastic Spiral Coil

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Plastic spiral coil binding twirls through your book like a spring; letting your pages turn 360 degrees.
Coil binding machines.
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Metal Spiral Binding Coil

Wire Spiral Bindings work with all plastic spiral coil binding machines.
The wire spiral coils are easier to insert into a thick book, stronger, sturdier, and give a longer lasting bind.
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