Cover Sheets for All Binding Systems

Cover Sheets for All Binding SystemsComposition Cover Sets, Clear Cover Sheets, Paper Cover sheets and more.

Our cover sheets are made to enhance and protect your bound documents. Many cover sheets can be purchased with die cut windows which can show off your titles. We can also customize these covers by foil stamping, silk screening or printing; call us for details.

Hardback Covers for binding - "Akiles Klassic Covers"
Bind a Hardback book using your Comb, Coil or Wire binding machine.
  • These are sturdy 80 mil. thick Linen hard covers.
  • Easy to customize by Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cut Window, etc.
  • 10 hardback covers/pack - could be used as 5 fronts and 5 backs or 10 backs.
  • $25.00
    Hardback Covers for binding - "Akiles Klassic Covers" aklassics
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     Report Binding Covers
    Our Poly Cover Sheets give your documents and proposals an attractive, protective cover.

    Our poly cover sheets come cut either 8.5" x 11" with square corners or 8.75 x 11.25 with two rounded corners. They are water, coffee and smudge proof, giving your books and proposals a good looking cover as well as a protective covering.

    Poly Cover Samples Include...

    poly cover sheet poly cover sheet poly cover sheet poly cover sheet poly cover sheet
    Smooth Touch Covers

    Smooth Touch covers feel similiar to neoprene. Pliable and punchable for either comb, wire, metal coil, plastic coil,or any of the other binding methods. Smooth Touch covers have a solid feel.
    Sold in packs of 100 sheets.

    Smooth Touch Covers stcovers
    Smooth Touch Covers: 
    Heavy Weight Clear Cover Sheets for Reports and Binding  - 100/box
    Heavy Weight Clear Protective Covers available in many different sizes.
    Composition Cover Sheets

    Colorful covers offer you a finished look. Gold Stamps easily!
    Sold in quantities of 100/box.
    Composition Cover Sheets
    Transparent Report Covers

    Box of 100 sheets of 8.5" x 11" Red or Blue 10 mil thick transparent covers.
    Makes a nice binding cover for reports or presentations. Square corners.
    Transparent Report Covers trc
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    Paper Covers

    75 - 80 lb. cut to 8 1/2 " x 11" Perfect to use as a report front or back.
    Sold in packs of 100 fronts and 100 backs.
    Paper Covers pcovers
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    Pre-Punched Paper
    Save Time when that big job comes; use Pre-Punched Paper! 5000 sheets/Case
    Pre-Punched Paper prepun
    If you have a big binding job to do, purchase our prepunched copy paper. Just put this paper into the copy machine and bind it into your document. Saves time.