CoverBind 5000 Thermal Binding System
This heavyweight desktop perfect binder is easily the champ of the thermal binding machines.

CoverBind Heavy Duty  - Thermal Binding System
CoverBind Heavy Duty - Thermal Binding System
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Product Description

CoverBind 5000 Thermal Binding System
This heavyweight desktop perfect binder is easily the champ of the premade cover binders. With a fast warm-up time of about a minute, and a binding capacity of 3" of paper, the CoverBind 5000 can easily bind hundreds of books an hour.

Watch the CoverBind in action

Use any type of cover: paper back or hard back and you will get a strong accurate bind. The glue is a durable EVA adhesive, with an embedded book binding fabric. No need for a hard cover crimper either. With the CoverBind you will get an exact 8.5" x 11" flush cut edge - without any overlap or lip.

The Coverbind® 5000 is a powerful yet compact document binder.
The 2.5 inch binding plate accommodates documents up to 14 inches wide, and with the adjustable guide has the capacity to bind multiple documents simultaneously providing you quick turnaround when you need it.
This tabletop binder delivers remarkable productivity in a small space, making it perfect for small businesses and larger offices alike.

Product information

Document Formats:
min: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2
max: 14 7/8" x 11"

Spine Size:
1/16" up to 2"

Up to 15 documents, dependent on spine width, per binding cycle (~60 seconds)

Power Supply:
115V, 50/60Hz, 700W, 6.4amps (maximum)

17 9/16" L x 10 3/8" W x 5 1/4" H

Weight: 12 lbs


Custom Binding Samples
What do you want your book to look like?
Thermal Binding Covers - Print on Demand
Customize your thermal binding covers instantly! CoverBind's printable covers + Glue strips give you Instant Custom Covers.
Ambassador on Demand Thermal Covers
Custom HardBack Thermal Binding Covers in Seconds!
Clear Thermal Binding Covers
Clear protective sheet covers your front page. Thermal Binding Covers are formed with glue in the spine, ready to be bound.
Hardback Covers for Thermal Binding <br>8.5 x 11 sheet size<br> call 1-800-886-2463 to order
Make Hard Back books in 2 minutes, Call us for foil stamping.
Classic or Portfolio  CoverBind Covers
Thermal Binding - the Best Selling Covers!

Get either the Coverbind Classic or Portfolio covers here.
Available Stock Covers include:

Classic - The front cover is a clear non-glare plastic and the back cover stock has a colored satin finish.
Available back sheet colors are:Black, Navy, Blue, White, Green, Burgundy, and Red

coverbind classic thermal bind cover colors

coverbind ambassador on demand hard cover covers Ambassador on Demand for Customizing Hard Covers: bind your reports in a hard cover that you can customize in seconds. The hard cover case has an indented rectangle on the front and comes with a photo glossy label that sits perfectly in the indentation. Just print your photo, logo or message on the front cover and adhere it to the hard back book. Instant customization.

You can also print your own soft back paper covers with our Print On Demand Paper Thermal Covers. They're photo paper style - glossy white - heavy stock, cut to an exact bind size - from 1 to 240 sheets - folded and scored. They come with an accurately sized glue strip which you put into the spine cavity after the cover is printed. Then bind all your sheets into the cover with the Coverbind 5000. You need a digital printer at least able to print 12" wide to print onto these thermal covers.