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Comb Binding Machines and Supplies

Comb binding is the easiest of all the binding systems to use. Punch the sheets, pop the plastic comb spine onto the binding spreader, and insert the sheets. Close the spreader and the comb will wrap around the sheets - binding them quickly.

Comb binding can be taken apart, and rebound very easily. reverse the above process, punch new sheets and you have a rebound book.

What you need in a comb binding machine is simple if you know what quantity of books, and the approximate page count of the books, and the sheet size of the paper that you need to bind is.

We now have a few used - but in very good condition
Rhin-O-Tuff power paper punches available.

These heavy duty binding machines will quickly punch any hole needed: Coil-Bind, Comb-Bind, Wire-O Binding, 3Hole, or even VeloBind.
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<br><b>Low Volume Comb Binding Machines</b>

Need to comb bind less than 25 books per month?
Click Here.

for for a variety of SOHO (small office / home office) comb binding machines.

• Bind less than 25 documents per month

• Bind less than 1/2" of paper

• These binding machines are typically lightweight - made of plastic

<br>Medium Volume Plastic Comb Binding Machines

Binding about 60 or so books a month?
Click Here

These binding machines offer more features, such as:

• Disengageable die pins

• Binding up to 2" of paper

• Stronger Punch capability

• Some have an electric punch.

•Costing from $350 - $1200.
<br>Heavy Duty Punching and Comb Binding Combo Machines

Need to Bind a few hundred books a month?
Click Here to see the Heavy Duty Comb Binding Machines

• Punch up to 25 sheets at a time

• Fast cycle time

• Binds up to 500 sheets - 2" of paper

• Electrically operated:
push button or foot pedal

• Have disengageable die pins

• Durable and rugged construction,
will last for years.

• Costs between $1,500 and $8,000.
<br>Universal Binding Punch for all Hole Patterns

Click here to see the High Production Binding Machines for All Binding pattens.

Produce a few books to thousands of books per month.

• Punch 25 - 45 sheets at a time.

• Bind up to 500 sheets - 2" of paper.

• Metal gear and chain driven motors.

• Electric Foot Pedal or Palm Punch activation.

• Built to last for many years.

• Perfect for larger copy and duplicating centers of corporations, schools, military and commercial print and copy centers.

• Costs from $2000 - $45000.
Plastic Comb Binding Supplies
Binding Supplies on Sale
Get the Supplies - 19 Ring Plastic Binding Combs - Many colors available.
Plastic Comb Binding Supplies Binding Combs
Cover Sheets for All Binding Systems
We have many Cover Sheets available: Clear, Composition - Regency, Paper and more.
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Have your book title printed on the binding spine.
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What to look for in a comb binding machine:

  • Disengageable Pins: Most all of the Comb binding machines are built for the 81/2" x 11" sheet size. but if you ever will have a need for a different size sheet to bind - say 81/2" x 51/2" - you may not be able to punch the sheets without a pin coming down and cutting the edge of the paper. The disengageable pin will stop the die from cutting the sheet at that point.

  • Depth guide: How deep the pins will punch into the edge of the paper. Books that have many pages have to be punched deeper into the sheet of paper. The depth guide has 4 positions to adjust where the holes will be punched - depending on how many sheets you need to bind.

  • Electric vs. Manual punching: If you have a lot of binding to do, get the electric punch. The time and aggravation of manually punching for hours on end will end up costing more than an electric comb binding machine.

  • Punching Capability: How many sheets of paper will the comb binder punch at a time? The more paper punched at a time will speed up your bookbinding job.

  • Binding Capacity: Most of the comb binding machines will bind up to a full 2" of paper - approximately 450 - 500 sheets. Some of the lower costing machines will only bind up to 5/8" thick. Look at the binding capacity as a guide for your needs for binding thicker books.

  • Overall Quality of the comb binding machine and Warranty: Look at the comb binding pictures. Do they look like the comb binding machine is well built or cheaply assembled. What are your needs, a one time small volume useage or a continued day to day binding need?

  • Manufacturer and distributor: Look at a few of the comb binding manufacturers names. The best quality comb binding names are: Rhin-O-Tuff / PDI, Akiles and Renz. These manufacturers have been in business for many years and stand behind their binding systems. As a distributor of these manufacturers, BindingStuff also stands behind the comb binding machines we sell, and we invite you to call us up at 800-886-2463 and discuss the best comb binding machine for your needs.

    Comb Binding Machines for all different binding needs @ BindingStuff. If you have a small volume of bookbinding, a manual plastic comb binding Kombo (Combination punch and bind) may be what you need. Typically these comb binding systems punch up to 15 sheets at a time and bind up to 2" (approximately 500 sheets) of paper. The punching is done by pulling the arm down, binding is done by spreading the comb open - by pushing the arm back.

    For moderate to larger binding needs look at our electric comb punches. These machines speed up the punching by about three times. A quality system that has been in production for over twenty years is the GBC / Ibico - EPK21 / C800 Plastic Comb Binding System.

    For heavy duty binding needs, go first class with a Renz Combi E - Power Comb Binding Machine This power punch is the strongest desktop single use comb binding punch made. Easily punches over 25 sheets at a time. This Renz Combi has a spreader on top, making it the most powerful comb binding machine on the market today.

    What you may want to consider in a spiral comb binding system: Number of sheets punched per lift, Maximum punching width - (ever have the need to bind A4 sized books or flipcharts), Retractable punch pins, Open ended throat, Comb Sizing guide built in, Metal or plastic body.

    Do you have any questions about Comb Binding Machines?
    Ask us. We will get back to you ASAP. Thanks.
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