Digital Envelope Printing with Variable Data
The ColorMax7
With MemJet Printing Technology

ColorMax7Print envelopes and cut sheets in vibrant color.

Three times the speed of traditional shuttle- head printers and at 1/3 of their per page cost.
Variable Data Printed with Ink, not Toner (Saving you $$$$)

Call us at 800-952-2463 for details.

If you have a need for color printed envelopes, get the Colormax7.

  • Prints envelopes up to 7500 / hour and up to 500,000 per month
  • Full color printing with MemJet technology
    • Prints up to 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution
    • Full bleed up to 8.5" wide
    • Maximum print size is 9" x 17", Minimum size is3" x 4.25"
    • Top Loader, Bottom Feeder
    • Dimensions: 24"L x 20"W x 18"H, 90lbs.
    • Aside from envelope printing, the Colormax7 will also print postcards, labels, business cards, flyers, Letterheads, etc.

    Leasing plans are available.

    Options include a Conveyor and a heater for heavy ink coverages.

    Watch the YouTube video on the ColorMax7 then give us a call at 800-952-2463.

If you have questions, or want to order on the phone,
Call us at 1-800-886-2463