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Akiles Coilmac ECI - Coil Binding Machine<coil binding system> <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b>
Akiles Coilmac ECI - Coil Binding Machine
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CoilMac ECI - Coil Binding bindingstuff has been selling akiles products over 10 yearsMachine

Now with an assortment of FREE Coils and Cover Sheets
The Coil Mac ECI is a manual coil binding punch with an electric roller inserter. It's one of our best sellers. It's very easy to use; just punch the paper, manually insert the plastic coil into the first two holes, then let the electric coil inserting wheel bind the rest. After the plastic coil is inserted, snip off the excess coil with the included pliers.

The Coil Mac ECI will punch and bind books with a maximum single punching length of 13", and has 5 disengageable pins to punch most sheet sizes. The CoilMac Eci coil binding machine punches about 15 sheets and easily handles your 8 1/2" x 11" and any oversize papers you may have.
Binds books up to about 1" thick.
ThCoilMac ECI coil binding machine comes with a one year warranty.

Model: CoilMac-41 ECI
Pitch: 4:1
Disengaging Dies: 5
Hole Punch: Round (4mm radius)
Punching Length: 13"
Inserting: Electric
Single Punching Capacity:Up to 17 sheets (20 lbs paper)
Binding Capacity: Up to 7/8"
Weight: 59 lbs
Warranty: 1 year

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The CoilMac ECI has a One Year Warranty.
Order Online or by Phone: call 1-800-952-2463

Want the coil binding machine with an electric punch and an electric bind? It really speeds your binding production, and makes work a lot easier.
Click here for the CoilMac-EPI.

Model:            CoilMac-ECI              CoilMac-ECI+

Hole Size:                Round (4mm)                    Oval (4mm x 5mm)

Disengageable Pins:  5 out of 53                      All 54

Pitch Available:    Standard 4:1 (0.250)          Letter 4:1 (0.248)

Operation: Punching - Manual

Inserting - Electric (with built-in Heavy-Duty Electric Roller)

Single Punch Capacity: Up to 20 sheets for 20 lbs paper

Suggested Binding Capacity: 7/8" (electric) Up to 2" (manual)

Single Punch Length: 13" (53/54 holes)
Weight & Volume: 52 lbs & 2.8 CbFt


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Extend Your Warranty to 2 Years
Extended Warranty Coil Mac ECI extra year
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Universal Paper Punches
CoilMac ECI Plus <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b>
Manual Punch + Electric Bind + Oval Holes + + +

Punch Capacity : 18 - 20 Sheets
Punch : Manual
Binding : Electric
Binding Capacity : 25mm - 1"
Warranty : 1 Year

The CoilMac-ECI+ :Gives a lot of value, Saves a lot of time.

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CoilMac ECI Plus
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