Coil Binding Comfort
Coil Binding Comfort
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Renz Coil Binding Comfort
Coil Binding Machine

This is a complete coil binding system, introduced into the market By Renz. The electric punch makes oval holes which allows for easier coil binding and insertion than a standard round hole. It punches 20 sheets per lift and will bind up to 150 sheets (20mm). This coil binding machine has it all including a punch, a coil inserter and a built in coil cutter / crimper - you don't have to play around with the pliers to cut the coil. Punch your sheets and then the inserter will twirl in your coil, after you insert the first two holes...just hold the pages against the wheel and it zips the coil through. Then put the excess coil into the built in cutter and crimp it. Your book is now done.
Easy - All in one.

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Punching width of 14"
Punches up to 20 sheets
Binding up to 170 sheets
Adjustable to formats A4 / A5 / 8.5 / 11"
.2475 pitch
Weight 67 lb.
Length, Width, Height: 17 x 19 x 10"
Connection 110V for mandrel; 110V for punch

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Lease this machine for approximately $100/month. Call 1-800-952-2463 for details

Weight 67 lb. Length, Width, Height: 17.3x19.2x9.8" Connection 110V for mandrel; 110V for punch


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