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Binding a book or document with plastic spiral coil is an easy process if you get the right binding machine and supplies. We'll help. Call us: 800-952-2463.

The tools needed for spiral coil binding include a paper punch that will put either round or oval holes into the sheets, a coil bind roller inserter (or you can use your hands for just a few books) and a pair of coil bind pliers that cut and crimp off the excess of the coil bind supply.

A few words of CAUTION: Binding with plastic coil is easy up to approxmately 5/8" thickness, after that plastic coil binding is cumbersome.
For that reason we recommend our Metal Wire Spiral Coil; it inserts so much easier and faster than the plastic coil. It is stronger and looks and feels better than the plastic coil as well.

Akiles Coil Binding Machine Combo
Coil Binding Combo Package.
akiles flexi punch
Akiles FlexiPunch + Roll@Coil
+ Free Stuff

All you need to start coil binding.

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Akiles Coil Binding Machine Combo AkilesCoilCombo
Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL Coil Binding System
 Rhin-O-Tuff CL3250 best selling coil binding machine
of all our Coil Binding Machines

"Only Binding Machine with a

This Rhin-O-Tuff is made for schools and offices; just about anyone who has to produce letter size, coil bound booklets, up to 250 sheets of paper.

If you need an office binding machine
This is the one we recommend!

• Electric Punch and bind.
• Binds either with plastic or metal coil
• Made in the USA.

Regular price: $2,295.00
Sale price: $1,699.00
Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL Coil Binding System 3250CL
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Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000
New from Rhinotuff
the Coil Binding System 3000
All the features you want
Low Price
Regular price: $1,699.00
Sale price: $1,399.00
Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000 coil3000
Coil Binding Machines for Small Offices / Low Volume

Need to Coil Bind less than 25 books per month?

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for for a variety of SOHO (small office / home office) coil binding machines.

• Bind less than 25 documents per month

• Bind less than 1/2" of paper

• These binding machines are typically lightweight - made of plastic

• Cost from $150 to $600.
Medium Volume Coil Binding Machines

Need to Coil Bind about 60 or so books a month?

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These binding machines offer more features, such as:

• Disengageable die pins

• Stronger Punch capability

• Some have an electric punch.

• Costing from $589 - $2300.
Heavy Duty Coil Binding Machines

Need to Coil Bind a few hundred books a month?

Click Here to see the Heavy Duty Coil Binding Machines
• Punch up to 25 sheets at a time

• Fast cycle time

• Binds up to 500 sheets - 2" of paper

• Electrically operated: push button or foot pedal

• Have disengageable die pins

• Durable and rugged construction, will last for years.

• Costs between $1,500 and $8,000.
Universal Paper Punches
Coil Binding Roller Inserters

Coil Binding Supplies and Accessories are needed to finish off the Binding Process.

Click on the coil picture here to see the:
  • Coil Binding Pliers
  • Coil Binding Roller Inserters
  • Coil Bind cutting/ crimping tools.
  • Plastic Spiral Coil

    Plastic Coil Binding Supplies
    Plastic spiral coil binding twirls through your book like a spring; letting your pages turn 360 degrees.
    Coil binding machines.
    Look at more Coil Colors Here

    Metal Spiral Binding Coil

    Wire Spiral Bindings work with all plastic spiral coil binding machines.
    The wire spiral coils are easier to insert into a thick book, stronger, sturdier, and give a longer lasting bind.
    Metal Spiral Binding Coil msc
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    At BindingStuff, we do our best to get you the best machine that fits your binding needs. To help you choose the right coil binding system, we have broken the coil binding machines into 5 groups:

  • Small Office Coil Binding Machines - For a small office or home office that binds just a couple of books. Time should not be of the essence as these coil binding machines are slow and are not made for binding quantities of books.

  • Medium Volume Coil Binding Machines - Better quality manual binding machines than the smaller coil binding systems, these Medium duty machines will punch more paper at a time, are heavier duty and will last longer, and they have an electric coil inserting roller which speeds your binding.

  • Heavy Duty Coil Binding Machines are able to punch and bind electrically, saving you time. These heavy duty coil binding machines will punch over 18 sheets of paper at a time, may punch for the coil with round or oval holes, and have a stronger roller inserter.

  • Universal Paper Punches for Coil Binding: With a Universal paper punch you can quickly punch through reams of paper. Universal punches have changeable dies - so that you can punch using a die for coil binding, and later change the die to punch for comb or wire binding.

  • Roller Inserters Electrically bind the coils into the paper; needed with a Universal Punch.

    We also sell all the plastic spiral coil binding supplies - in all the colors and sizes, and the
    Metal Wire Coil Binding - Available in many sizes, lengths as well as a few different tines; call us at 800 - 952-2463 for details.

    Some benefits of coil binding are:

    Easy-to use. Coil binding is like a slinky, twirling and binding your punched sheets into a book. An Electric coil inserter speedily binds books up to about 150 sheets

    Pages won't pull or fall apart. The 44 loops of coil hold your document securely.

    Coil bindings don't distort, crack, chip or have sharp edges to scratch or snag.

    Coil bindings are great for documents that will be sent through the mail. Coil Bound books are flexible and can withstand getting thrown around.

    Coil binding supplies are available in a wide range of colors. There are dozens of basic coil binding colors. We can also have a custom color coil bind made to order for you.

    Coil Bound books lay flat when opened.

    Books bound with coil bindings will fold back a full 360 degrees; Coil bound books swivel freely - letting you flip pages all the way around the binding coils.

    If you have any questions, or don't see a particular binding machine , Give us a call at 800-952-2463.