Rhin-O-Tuff HD 7700 Power Punch + Hand Binder #24

Fastest, Most Powerful <br>Comb Binding System
Fastest, Most Powerful
Comb Binding System
Item# fastest

Product Description

Estimated amount of time for this binding machine to punch and bind 30 Books of 90 sheets
Binding Speed = 33 Minutes

Put a Rhino-O-Tuff HD 7700 Binding Punch and the Hand Binder HB24 together, and you've got a
great Comb Binding Combination Package. rhin-o-tuff HD 7700 power punch hand binding machine

"The HD 7700 Ultima is by far the fastest, strongest and most productive of any of the paper punches made."
That is a strong statement, but it is accurate.

It punches the most sheets - up to 40. Has more features than any other punch...see thru waste drawer......micro paper size adjusters.....reverse gear.....
fastest ability to change dies.....immediate cycling - no lag time.....palm punch for speedier paper punching... sturdy interchangeable dies....Heavy Duty....Punches up to 14" wide at one time and is open ended for even large sheets.....One Year Warranty..... and MADE IN the USA.
You can't ask for more in a desktop punch

Weight: 80 lbs. Shipping Weight: 85 lbs. Dimensions: 8.5" H x 21" W x 22.5" L

The HB 24 binder has a binding width of 14".... heavy duty, all metal construction.....Quality binding....made overseas.... Comes with a one year warranty.

This is the best comb binding package available: made for those who have a large amount of books to bind. We have sold these to copy centers, print shops, advertising agencies, accountants, universities and other offices that have a need for a long lasting, strong comb binding system. The largest copy center in the USA (they advertise at the Super Bowl and are owned by a delivery company), purchased over 500 hundred units of the HD 7700 after comparing it with all the other binding machines.

If you want the best binding system, this is the one to own.

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