DFG's BOB Coil E
Electrically Punches to 30 sheets
Binds any thickness of books.

BOB Coil E - Best of Brand <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b> - Coil Binding Machine
BOB Coil E - Best of Brand
FREE Shipping within continental USA - Coil Binding Machine
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Product Description

DFG’S BOB Coil E is the first and only extra heavy duty electrical coil punch and binding machine in its class. It can punch world record 30 sheets (20#, double D oval hole) or 3 mm hardboard in one punch. This is due to DFG’s Hi-Torq™ punch motor and innovative super strength machine design. With DFG’s SERVOGROVE™ Roller Binding System, it binds small or larger books (up to 22 mm) effortlessly. Lager size coil is not difficult with some practice. BOB Coil E can punch and bind any length and thickness of book.

Exclusive built-in lubrication system to ensure longer punching tool life. Built-in temperature regulating system successfully solves motor over heating issues at high volume environment, which makes machine safer and lasts longer. Large Waste Drawer Anti-Jam Function: For trouble-free punching. Non-Skid Feet Includes DFG’s Heavy Duty Oval Hole Coil Crimpers.

All Electric Operation: Extra Heavy Duty Electrical Coil Punching and Coil Binding with the simple press of a foot pedal. ​ Punches a double “D” oval hole (4x5mm hole) which increases the binding speed and makes it easier to bind thicker books.

DFG double “D” oval hole is a True .250” pitch. This is important because plastic coil construction is .250” pitch and this makes it faster and easier to drive the coils into the book. With fully dis-engagable punch pin design, 0.250” pitch is far superior to 0.248” pitch. It makes books stronger and tolerant of paper size fluctuation, which is very common in today’s digital printing (letter size sheets 8.5”x11” cut from 12” x 18” sheets). DFG only uses 0.248” pitch for low cost coil machines that don’t have dis-engagable punch pin design.

For any length and thickness book: Punch any length of paper with our open throat die and alignment pin. DFG’s design makes it possible to punch paper of any length with no restrictions. Whatever your paper length is, you can punch it on the BOB Coil E. After the first punch, put one hole through the alignment pin to keep your subsequent punches aligned correctly and punch again. You will have perfect alignment for the full length of paper.

High Volume Punch Capacity: With our specially designed Hi-Torq™ punch motor, DFG torture tested it for 200,000 trouble free punch cycles. The BOB Coil E can punch 30 sheets of 20 lb paper or 3mm (1/8” thick) hardboard covers with the gentle push on the foot pedal. No other table top punch and bind machine in its class can accomplish this task.

Super Strength Punch Mechanism: Cast-hardened & heat-treated precision steel punch pins provide superior strength & hardness. You add DFG’s lubrication system, and that drastically reduces friction and punch pin wear. This equates to longer machine life and a sharp clean perforation every time for the end user. High-Speed, commercial punches that cost over $30,000 lubricate their punch pins. DFG utilizes this technology in our commitment to taking the extra step to deliver the best machine possible to the market place.

Heavy duty Chassis: Countless years of experience has led DFG to produce a machine with the most sophisticated design, testing methods, and manufacturing techniques to develop the most rigid heavy duty chassis in its class at 29% less overall machine weight.

Side Margin Control: Allows you to evenly center your punch pattern on your sheet.Punching Margin Control: Provides the correct punch depth for each coil size. This will maximize the book's tear resistance

New Patent Pending SERVOGROVE ™ Roller Binding System: This new roller system binds small or larger books (up to 22 mm) effortlessly. Absolutely no costly separate coil inserter needed. Manually binds any size book. The SERVOGROVE ™ Roller Binding System dramatically increase binding speed, when compared against smooth roller systems by 50%. Once the coil is started, simply lay the book against the grooved roller. The coil is easily inserted into the book, making this inserter one of the easiest-to-use. Top-mounted roller position will give the operator greater control, improve their efficiency, and have less operator fatigue, which improves production. A foot-pedal activates the roller and is compatible with plastic & metal coils. Full Die Disengagement Pins: Utilizing the DFG’s World’s First full disengagement-pin design for coil binding machines (recently copied by other manufacturers), our punched paper is free from partial punches, on any size project. Our disengagement-pin design uses independent coil spring mechanisms on each pull pin that allows the pins to disengage with a crisp snapping action. Our punch pins are heat treated and precisely ground to ensure consistent, clean, punching.

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