Fully Automatic Laminator and Trimmer
Feeds the Sheets Automatically,
Laminates and Trims on all 4 sides automatically

Fully Automatic #360 Laminator <br>
Fully Automatic #360 Laminator
Item# DH 360
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Product Description

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When you have to laminate you spend a lot of time hand feeding in one sheet at a time, you are at the speed of the laminator and can not do any other job until the hand feeding is done.

It's the same with the trimming. Manually, all 4 sides of the laminated sheet have to be trimmed and this also eats up your time.

Introducing the Fully Automatic DH 360 AF/Laminator
with the AT-360 Automatic Trimmer

The DH360 AF / Laminator feeds and trims your your paper into finished laminated sheets.
Handling from 1.3 mil to 7 mil standard or specialty laminating film, you will save plenty of time and get your jobs done much faster, saving you time and money.

  • Laminates 1 or 2 sides

  • Automatic paper feeding

  • Adjustable tensioning system for different paper thickness

  • Decurl bar to elininate curling

  • Adjustable feeding speed

  • Automatic stopping with no paper

  • Safety cover with built in sensor to protect operator

    Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum laminating width - 13.2"

  • Maximum paper feeding width - 13.2"

  • Laminating speed - 6.5' / minute

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