Atlas 190 METALBIND binds up to 190 sheets,
Atlas 300 METALBIND binds up to 300 sheets.

Bind a secure, great looking hardback cover book in seconds.

Atlas 190 / 300 - Metal Channel Binding Machines <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b>
Atlas 190 / 300 - Metal Channel Binding Machines
FREE Shipping within continental USA
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Atlas Binding Machines: 

Product Description

metal spine from masterbind

MetalBind Atlas 190 or 300

The Elegantly Simple Binding Machine

masterbind - Opus Metalbinding Hard back books

The innovative Atlas binding machines from MasterBind are the first binding systems that delivers an economical, all-in-one solution for premium document presentations.

For binding, the Atlas 190 is capable of producing securely bound documents up to 190 pages and the Atlas 300 will bind up to 300 sheets at production rates up to 120 per hour.
Engineered for years of productivity, this machine features an all metal housing and rugged construction.

It is ideal for offices, in-plant print shops, copy stores, universities and other educational institutions, legal offices and photo studios. Compatible with virtually any cover stock, MetalBind machines offer a combination of unmatched flexibility and versatility that is changing the way the world thinks about custom binding.


  • All-In-One binding - No Punching Needed
  • Ideal for presentations, business reports, legal briefs, proposals and research theses
  • Binds up to 190 sheets | 300 pages (#20 bond)
  • CoverGuide feature facilitates quick page alignment
  • Built-in channel width measurement tool
  • Solid steel frame and all-metal housing
  • Patented channel design assures accurate paper positioning

metal channel binding, masterbind

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