Akiles FlexiPunch E + Akiles Roll@Coil     Coil Binding Combo Package
All you need for binding!

Akiles Coil Binding Machine Combo
Akiles Coil Binding Machine Combo
Item# AkilesCoilCombo

Product Description

Akiles Coil Binding Machine Combo
This package is all you need to start Coil Binding.

  • Free Coil Die
  • Free Coil Cutting Pliers
  • Free Coils
  • Free Binding Covers

    The Flexi-E Punch / RollaCoil Package . This package contains the Akiles FlexiPunch E - an electric paper punch and Akiles RollaCoil - electric coil binding inserter and a lot of FREE STUFF!.

    Having two binding machines to coil bind your documents means that you will be able to get your books bound so much quicker. Two people can work at the same time - one to punch the paper and the other person to insert and bind the coil into the sheets. You will be able to ship those documents that much quicker.

    The FlexiPunch Features:

    Electric Punch: 20 sheets per lift. Foot pedal operated.

    Comes with a coil die

    Fully Disengageable Pins on all Dies: Allows punching of all paper sizes without any partially punched holes

    Punch up to 12" at a time. Perfect for letter size presentations

    Depth Margin Control: Adjustable depth margin offers the best margin distance for each book size.

    Heavy-Duty Design: All metal construction.

    Weight: 51 Lbs

    Warranty - 1 year.

    We also sell additional dies for the FlexiPunch for Comb or Wire Binding.

    Roll@Coil - Electric Coil Inserter
    With Akiles Roll@Coil you save time, reduce costs and make less effort, as it makes coil inserting surprisingly fast, effective and easy.

    Ideal for businesses that demand professionalism and productivity. And a must for all binding centers with large workloads.

    Product Summary

  • Diameter Scale: Helps to verify the coil diameter.
  • Diameter Selector: To best select the correct coil diameter size to the corresponding thickness of the document.
  • Alignment Channel: Aides in conforming the spine of larger documents to the coil shape, for a faster and easier insertion.
  • Electric Roller Inserter (Foot pedal operated): Allows the free use of both hands and grants the operator complete rotating control of the roller. Drastically reduces time and costs by making the inserting surprisingly fast and easy.
  • Pitch Identifier: Verifies that the coil pitch matches that of the punched document.
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year
    Here's the Free Stuff
  • Free FlexiPunch Die for Coil Binding
  • Free Coil Cutting Pliers
  • 50 Free Coil Binds: Assorted Colors and Sizes
  • 50 Clear Front and 50 Back Covers - Assorted Styles

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  • Accessories

    Metal Spiral Binding Coil

    Wire Spiral Bindings work with all plastic spiral coil binding machines.
    The wire spiral coils are easier to insert into a thick book, stronger, sturdier, and give a longer lasting bind.
    Plastic Spiral Coil

    Plastic Coil Binding Supplies
    Plastic spiral coil binding twirls through your book like a spring; letting your pages turn 360 degrees.
    Coil binding machines.
    Look at more Coil Colors Here
    Cover Sheets for Binding

    Cover your Report:
    Get a quality Paper, Clear Vinyl, Hardback or Composition Cover,
    and protect your work from coffee, finger prints and ink smudges.
    Our cover sheets are available in many styles and finishes and can easily be customized.
    Binding Machines
    FastBack Binding - Powis Parker Coil Binding
    Wire Bind
    Comb Binding
    Thermal Perfect Binding
    Metal Binding
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