Accubind Pro 2 Tape Binding System
The Automated Book Binding System Just place your sheets into the slot, and press a button.

Accubind  Pro 2 Tape Binding Machine
Accubind Pro 2 Tape Binding Machine
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Accubind  Pro 2 Tape Binding Machine

The AccuBind Binding System has been discontinued.
Strips are available

Tape Binding Machine
AccuBind Pro 2

The AccuBindPro binds each book with a true linen finish thermal adhesive tape that hold up to repeated openings and closings without cracking or pulling apart. The attractive linen finish of the binding strips come in 11 exciting colors and in sizes to bind from 5 to 325 sheets that eliminate the need for punching and re-assembling of books.
accubind Pro2 binding machine
►Binding Strip Colors: Black, white, blue, red, yellow, violet, green, gray, dark blue, orange, light blue accubind tape strips

Accubind Tape Strips
Quickly bind your documents with attractive Linen Tape Bindings.

179 Binding Strips per roll.
Accubind Tape Strips acbstrip
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