90 Sheet Punch Capable Wire Binding Machine

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Product Description

New Wire Binding Machine can Punch up to 90 Sheets

Also can punch for Coil Binding*

Manual Wire punching and binding or even electric wire binding has never been this fast!

This wire binding machine from SBC is just loaded with features to help you get your job done fast. It will punch up to 90 sheets of paper. NO other punch can punch even half that much.
That's right - 90 sheets of 20 lbs copy paper in one punch.

It has round holes and will punch either the 2:1 or 3:1 hole pattern. That means that it can wire bind from the smallest to the largest wire bound book. The binding is easy to set and is very sturdy.

This is a well built machine, has great features, but it is a little different than all the other wire binding machines on the market.
The punching is key.

It's new and it's built on a new idea - punch 11 holes, move the table to a preset position, punch again and then again. 90 sheets ready to bind in seconds.

See our video of how it works: Wire Binding

This wire bind system takes about two minutes to learn, and then you and this wire binding system will wire bind faster than any other system available.

Here is a picture of the 90 sheets -
we put a quarter against the paper to show the amount it can punch at a time.

Roll - @ - Coil - Coil Binding Inserter by Akiles <br><font color="green"><b> FREE Shipping within continental USA </font></b>

This small Coil Inserter twirls the coil into the prepunched pages, binding your book together. The Roll@Coil has 2 cylinders to twirl in the coil: the top cylinder is electrically powered, the bottom is used as a resting cylinder. After the coil is inserted, use the coil pliers to crimp off the excess coil supply.
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* Coil Binding punch pitch is 3:1 (33 holes on 11" paper) on this binding system.
Standard coil binding has 4:1 punch pitch (44 - 45 holes on 11" paper).
3:1 Coil punch pitch gives slightly larger holes and the ability to make thicker books easier. Call BindingStuff at 1-800-952-2463 for coil binding supplies and ask for the 3:1 coils.
For inserting the coil into the paper, use the Roll-@-Coil, shown above.

For more information on this wire / coil binding system or wire and coil binding supplies,

Call BindingStuff at 1-800-952-2463.

Wire Binding Machine Video

May take up to 30 seconds to open.